If you are looking for non-traditional wedding catering with lots of southern charm, City Barbeque is the right fit for your event.

Founded in 1999 as a family-owned business in Columbus, Ohio, City Barbeque has evolved into an award-winning restaurant chain with more than 50 locations nationwide. A passion for slow-cooked barbeque and commitment to affordable, high-quality food make City Barbeque one of the best restaurants of its kind in the Triangle area – and perfect for a southern wedding.

Award winning barbeque

City Barbeque Wedding Catering Buffet

City Barbecue’s award winning food is a crowd pleaser.

The secret to City Barbeque’s success is how they season and smoke the meats. All meats are seasoned with a secret rub recipe and slow-cooked for up to 18 hours using locally sourced hickory wood.  

What makes City Barbeque truly unique is that you can choose from a variety of barbeque sauces from different regions of the country. From the Carolinas’ classic vinegar-based sauce to Kansas City’s signature sweet sauce, you can customize your barbeque to whichever style you like.  

The extensive menu features pulled pork, smoked sausage, bone-in chicken, turkey breast and St. Louis-Cut ribs. But City Barbeque is most known for its award-winning brisket, which won first place in the American Royal World Series of Barbeque Invitational, one of the largest barbeque competitions in the world. 

City Barbeque also offers several classic southern side dishes including baked mac and cheese, potato salad, collard greens and hush puppies.

Catering your wedding day

Customize your barbeque with a variety of sauces from around the country.

Once you decide City Barbeque is the wedding caterer for you, you will complete a wedding catering inquiry to get in touch with a City Barbeque wedding coordinator. They will talk you through your vision for the wedding, discuss your guest count, help you pick out potential menu items and give you a quote.

 As part of this process, City Barbeque offers a complimentary wedding menu tasting, which is where you will finalize your menu.

 On the day of the wedding, an experienced team of caterers will arrive at your venue about an hour before the ceremony to prepare for cocktail hour. They work closely with you or your wedding planner to ensure the meal is served on time, with everything well-prepared and beautifully displayed.

 City Barbeque’s most popular wedding package includes fruits and vegetables for an appetizer, along with two meats, two sides and a drink for dinner. The dinner is served buffet style in warm cast iron pans.

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Contact City Barbeque

City Barbeque Wedding Catering Buffet

City Barbeque’s buffet is served in warm cast iron pans.

You can arrange a catering consultation with City Barbeque online or by contacting Wedding Sales Coordinator Jasmine Foust at jfoust@citybbq.com.

 To learn more about City Barbeque and its mouthwatering menu, visit one of its five locations in the Triangle area or check out Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.