We love that in recent times, wedding trends have been going all out. Including everything from outfits to venues, and decors to  food!  Food served at your wedding is a top-tier factor in impressing your guests. Yet, it doesn’t just end with the type of course on your menu. Couples and their caterers are getting creative with the food presentation because to an extent, ‘there’s a need to feed/convince the eyes first.’ For this reason, we are letting you in on a few Wedding Catering Ideas!

Fords Fluent N Food Catering

  • For Your Cocktail Hour

You want your guests to mingle in a fun way because that is usually what the cocktail hour is for. So, while your guests are getting to know themselves, hors d’œuvres that don’t require them to use their hands will be just fine.

Also, if you pair the hors d’œuvres with some apéritif bars to help your guests get ready for the leading evening’s event, it’d be just great.


  • For Your Ceremony

Most times, wedding catering does not include the ceremony part. But please treat your guests to some beverages, depending on the season.

For instance, you could serve up some refreshing drinks for a summer wedding, while in the winter, you could use hot beverages such as tea or coffee because of the cold.


  • For The Reception

So many options go with wedding catering when the reception is involved. From a BBQ to buffet-style food service, a food truck, and a dessert station where your guests can easily pick packaged snacks, there’s much variety here. The reception is the part where the caterer has been working for.


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