Cakes & Desserts

Our wedding pros specialize in making beautiful and original wedding cakes and desserts in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. Don’t forget to ask them about Grooms Cakes as well.
The wedding cake is more than just a cake, it’s a centerpiece, a focal point (other than the bride of course) and a great photo opportunity. So whether you are looking for a groom’s cake, specialty desserts, cupcakes, cookies, pastries or that incredible tiered wedding cake of your dreams with projection mapping, you will find the quality of the Forever Bridal preferred vendors to be unmatched by others. Trends and traditions for a wedding cake are constantly changing and your vendor will be able to assist you on deciding what will not only fit your budget but your wedding theme. When looking for a wedding cake vendor in Raleigh, Durham or surrounding areas, always peruse through their gallery of images, set up a tasting and ask if they are capable of accommodating dietary restrictions such as gluten or dairy free. Get to know them, ask questions.  Here is an example interview with Confectionate Cakes.  Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures because before you know it, your cake has been devoured and enjoyed by your wedding guests.