Edible Art Bakery and Dessert Cafe


Since 1982, we have been sharing our scratch-made Southern style wedding cakes and cutting-edge designs with people all around the world. If practice makes perfect, we’ve had more than 40 years to perfect our style! Your wedding desserts should be as special as you are.
Sure it may sound weird, but we’re thrilled to be 40 years old! As the Triangle area’s oldest dessert bakery we’ve had the opportunity to serve generations, and we love it! In our 40 years, we’ve perfected recipes, including our well-known pound cake, found the world’s best staff, and built the most wonderful customer base imaginable. For us, getting older has only meant getting better. “Scratch” is a dirty word to most bakeries, but it’s just how we operate. Every birthday cake, wedding cake, pie, and cookie is made from scratch. Scratch bakeries are hard to come by in a world where cutting corners to save time and money reigns supreme. Our philosophy has always been that taste and the quality of ingredients we serve our customers should not be sacrificed for any reason.
Design is important, and so is quality. Your wedding day desserts should be naturally beautiful inside and out–like you! We invite you to join us for a tasting and enjoy the wholesomeness that Edible Art Bakery & Dessert Café has to offer.


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