Floral walls are unique because they are versatile; they can be a backdrop for great photos, a stand for your cake, or any of the bars to serve your guests.  They can also serve as a background or altar for the exchange of wedding vows, as well as a decorative option to either cover a wall you’ll instead not expose.  There are many ways to have a floral wall, and they can be used in diverse and unique ways. For example, one can serve as a backdrop during your vow exchanges and later as a backdrop for the dessert stand.

So here are some ways to have an impressive floral wall at your wedding. We love these ideas, and we know you will too!

Faux Real Flowers hanging from above Forever and Company

FauxReal Flowers

  • White Flowers

A floral backdrop of greenery and white flowers is a sure way to make the venue more appealing and make a particular section the focal point. It also gives your guests a photo spot after your ceremony.

  • Flowers And Ivy Vines

A scanty presentation of hanging ivy vines intertwined with string lights and floral accents are a classy and unique way to decorate a wall. It goes to show that a scanty floral installation can add elegance to your space.

  • Hanging Florals And Greenery

A wall covered in full with greenery and flowers in different tones is another way to express your creativity at your wedding. This floral installation is especially great for the exchange of vows and Instagram-worthy photos.

  • All White Floral

Nothing spells purity and elegance as an all-white floral wall. However, this unique idea adds delicateness and even romance to an already love-filled event. So if you seek class and sophistication, go with this!

  • Circular Greenery Installation

Try filling a circular arch with foliage to add a dramatic effect for a backdrop when you exchange your vows. And it will be more fun if you line your aisle too with greenery!


For the perfect wedding décor, you’ll have to work with a professional wedding decorator, especially if you don’t know the first things about it.

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