Congratulations on your recent engagement! Are you hoping to bring your family and friends together to celebrate and get excited for your special day? As engagement season wraps up, many couples are looking at ways to share the good news through an unforgettable engagement celebration. 

Ready to start planning your perfect engagement party? We have a few options to bring a memorable charm to your engagement while supporting local businesses, one of our favorite wedding trends for 2022.

Table set for a celebration with a barbeque sandwich, alcohol, and flowers.

A barbeque is always a simple, effective choice for an engagement celebration. Photo Courtesy of City Barbeque.

Backyard Barbeque

If you are thinking of holding a more laid-back event, consider hosting a backyard barbecue to celebrate your engagement. Barbecues are great ways to bond over delicious food and shared laughs right in your backyard.

Set the atmosphere by hanging up lights, grabbing some lawn chairs, and breaking the ice between guests with fun outdoor games everyone can enjoy. If you are looking for a local barbecue caterer, check out City Barbeque located in Cary. 

An Evening in Paris

Paris is known by many to be the “City of Love”, which makes it a wonderful idea for your engagement party. Celebrate the night Parisian-style with French patisserie favorites like macarons from Raleigh-based bakery Mon Macaron

Guests will truly feel the love in the air with the right music, so in order to make your celebration have a certain “je ne sais quoi,” consider hiring a local musician, like harpist Andrea Blanchfield.

Sunsets on the beach offer picturesque backdrops for your engagement celebration. Photo Courtesy of Sinderellas Rockefellas Coastal Accommodations.

By The Seaside

As many couples opt for shorter guest lists and domestic destinations, a smaller beach getaway could be a beautiful, intimate option to celebrate your engagement. Invite a few cherished members of your family and close friends for a trip to play in the sand, bask in the sun and spend some quality time with the ones you love most.

Work with Sinderellas Rockefellas Coastal Accommodations to find quiet accommodations along the breathtaking North Carolina coast for you to sit back and relax to the sound of the sea.

Pool Party 

A pool party is a classic celebration for any occasion, including your engagement. Grab some pool floats, sunscreen and fruity drinks for a family-friendly celebration that will bring out the childlike joy in any guest. 

Treat your party-goers to refreshments that will help them cool off from the heat, like an ice cream or dessert bar. We recommend spicing it up even more with handmade popsicles from local vendor Raleigh Popsicle Co., which allows you to choose from a wide array of flavors to add your personal touch.

Table set with porcelain plates, candles and greenery.

Candles and greenery help elevate the magical cottagecore theme. Photo Courtesy of HighRock Farms in Oxford, NC.

Cottagecore Fantasy 

Cottagecore has been all the rage the past few years, which makes it a perfect choice for a romantic and wistful engagement celebration. Invite your guests to dine in a natural setting donned with flowers, soft lighting and pastel colors to invoke a homey, nostalgic feel. 

Venues such as HighRock Farms in Granville County make for majestic locations for your cottagecore-inspired engagement celebration.

No matter what type of celebration you choose, Forever & Company will always be here to support you along your magical journey, from popping the question to saying “I Do.” Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our vendors and to help plan for your engagement or wedding celebration.