If you’re planning a large wedding this year, then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading.

Over the last few years, couples have adjusted the ways they choose to say their special “I Dos” amidst the pandemic. From outdoor gatherings, to food servers, and even celebrating your special day again, we’re obsessed with the unique ways that couples are choosing to celebrate.

Whether you’re newly engaged, looking to say your vows over again, or hoping to say yes to that big question soon, we’re here to help you navigate planning your wedding with ever-changing COVID regulations in mind.

First up: Keep in mind that the CDC often updates their guidance for large events and COVID safety protocols. This information changes rapidly.

Large Outdoor Wedding 

Large outdoor wedding with tent

Tent Rentals from CE Rental

One way couples are able to include all of their loved ones on their big day is to opt for an outdoor wedding.

Although outdoor weddings are not new to the wedding world, there has definitely been a rise in them as couples navigate planning a celebration with COVID regulations in mind. Outdoor weddings are considered lower risk than indoor venues.

One option for the couples using an outdoor venue is to use a tent rental service, like our friends at CE Rental. If a tent venue isn’t for you, but you still want to keep the outdoor idea, our friends over at The Kinsleeshop Farm have a gorgeous space. And The Yellow House at West Meadows can seat up to 100 people outside on their romantic countryside property. There are so many venues that host outdoor weddings now, so the options are endless. You can peruse all of our venues here.

Planning Safety Precautions

If you’re planning on having a large head count, it’s important to set safety precautions in place to protect you and your loved ones. One small adjustment that many newlyweds have made to their weddings is requesting their catering staff man all buffet stations instead of self-serve. This easy adjustment allows for ease of mind if you’re planning on having a buffet instead of a plated dinner!

Another popular trend that we’ve begun to see, especially at large weddings, is sanitation stations. With such a special day, all of the hugs and kisses can lead to a spread of germs you definitely want to avoid. Adding a space at your ceremony and reception that allows for guest to wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer can really make the difference. Here’s a few cute ideas to make sure staying safe doesn’t ruin your aesthetic.

If you’re still looking to find an indoor venue that can accommodate for a large guest count, then ensure there is enough space for guest to still be socially distanced. Although the newer regulations allow for more people to be within a certain space, make sure that you speak with your venue coordinator to ensure that guest will have enough space to still celebrate your special day, in a safe way.

Other Celebration Trends this Year

Although some couples prefer a large celebration, there are a handful that have opted for a mini-mony or to elope, especially amidst the pandemic. These intimate celebrations, embracing adventure, the importance of family, and the little details of the couple, ensure for a safe, and still memorable, wedding day.

Venue for planning a large wedding this year

The Yellow House at West Meadow

Another kind of celebration that we’ve begun to see are I Do, Agains. With COVID affecting many of the weddings that were planned pre-pandemic, many couples are opting to celebrate their big day again. With COVID restrictions dying down slightly, couples are able to now plan a celebration where they can invite more friends and family than they were able to the first time.

Weddings might look a lot different than they did before the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean yours won’t still be special.

If you happen to have a lot of people on your guest list, then finding an outdoor venue or ensuring there is space to socially distance is crucial. The wedding world has begun adjusting to the “new normal,” and we are totally ready to help you plan your big day, and keep those regulations in mind.