Weddings aren’t called the “Big Day” for nothing – they’re the culmination of months, sometimes years of preparation and excitement that all comes together when the bride walks down the aisle. 

In that moment, every bride is the center of the universe, so it’s only right that they should look, feel and be their very best. 

Pinup Studio, a woman-owned, full-service salon based in Raleigh that offers wedding makeup, hair and more, understands the bridal experience inside and out, and the studio is on a mission to ensure every bride their stylists work with looks nothing less than magical. 

While the experienced stylists at Pinup Studio bring the “Big Day” looks to life, everything starts with the bride and her vision. Of course, communicating that vision can seem daunting, so Pinup Studio has some simple tips for soon-to-be brides to keep in mind on this journey.

Know your worth

In the end, this is your day. Don’t undersell yourself or compromise on your look at your own wedding. A bride walking down the aisle should have all the confidence in the world, and that starts in the salon with a stylist who has your back all the way to the altar. 

Empowering brides and stylists to never compromise has been central to Pinup Studio’s values since Christina Kirkey founded the salon in 2015. Kirkey wanted to create a place where every woman was welcomed, appreciated and empowered.

A Pinup Studio stylist carefully applies makeup to a smiling woman.

A Pinup Studio stylist carefully perfects a look.

Trust your team

Weddings are a team effort, so you want to build the best team you can. Take input from your team with an open mind and trust everyone involved wants your big day to be as beautiful as you do. 

A critical part of that team is your stylist, and Pinup Studio has the most committed stylists you could find. Not only are Pinup Studio’s stylists as dedicated to your wedding as a bridesmaid, they have the confidence and freedom to experiment with new wedding makeup and hair styles so you can find exactly the look you want. 

Pinup Studio also makes it easy to reward your team with no bridal party minimums, so everyone can be styled together. 

Remember the love

With all the preparation that goes into a wedding, it can be easy to get lost in the details. Remember that it’s not all about appearances – you should feel as special as you look. If stress is getting to you, focus on the love your wedding is celebrating.

Pinup Studio is all about the love. Their wedding makeup and hair stylists and planners are motivated everyday by the joy they get to be a part of as brides’ big days come together. When you work with Pinup Studio, it’ll be easy to remember the love bringing this whole production together because it’s so central to how their stylists work.

A bride with a full look from Pinup Studio looks at the camera.

A bride shows off a completed, glowing look from Pinup Studio.

Feel special every day

You know that feeling of being the center of the universe that every bride gets when they walk down the aisle? At Pinup Studio, they believe women should get to feel like that every day. That’s why they love turning brides into long-time customers and taking their day-to-day looks to the next level.

Every tip for making it to the altar looking and feeling your best applies to going through your day-to-day as your very best self. When you work with the stylists at Pinup Studio you know you’ve got a team you can trust, who recognize your worth and stay committed to bringing the love everyday. 

You can find Pinup Studio at 7400 Six Forks Road in Raleigh, N.C. They’re also online and on Facebook and Instagram.