A wedding venue sets the scenery and overall feel of your entire ceremony. Therefore, when choosing a wedding venue, you must consider which setting best matches your personality and aesthetic. For couples who want charming and unique locations, look no further than these beautiful historic wedding venues in North Carolina, each with their own story and history.

There are many incredible venues to choose from, but we are confident we can help you find the perfect one.

1. The Rand-Bryan House

The Rand-Bryan House in Raleigh NC featuring its historic wedding venue lawn with greenery and flowers

A large clearing surrounded by greenery creates an intimate atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. Photo courtesy of The Rand-Bryan House.

The Rand-Bryan House is a 19th century-themed outdoor venue located in Raleigh. The Rand family originally acquired the property in the 1700s as part of a grant from the King of England. Since then, the land has undergone many changes. It was formerly a working dairy farm and later a Christmas tree farm. 

The site opened as a wedding venue in 2009. It features a rustic, Greek Revival home on 135 acres of farmland. It is perfect for couples looking for a storybook wedding.

This wedding venue offers event spaces for wedding events of all sizes. The outdoor spaces can accommodate wedding events with 250 guests or more. For a more intimate feel, you can host your event in one of the small gardens or opt for an indoor ceremony. The floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the breathtaking view of North Carolina scenery.

2. Rose Hill Estate

The Rose Hill Estate, located in Nashville, N.C., offers a beautiful event space for

Rose Hill historic wedding venue gazebo by the lake for outdoor weddings

The Rose Hill has a beautiful gazebo on the lake for a wonderful outdoor wedding ceremony. Photo courtesy of Hope Taylor Photography.

couples looking to host a countryside wedding. The Rose Hill Estate has an array of charming 18th century event spaces. Beautiful landscapes, accentuated by modern elegance, surround the estate from the BBQ Smokehouse to the ballroom.

The venue also offers dining services, valet parking, and onsite lodging. These services make everything simple to organize at a single location.

If these in-house amenities are not your style, Rose Hill also partners with nearby hotels and arranges transportation. The venue also provides access to experienced wedding specialists, gorgeous flowers, professional photography, and on-demand rentals. Overall, the goal of Rose Hill is to alleviate the stress of wedding planning, so you can enjoy your day of celebration.

3. The Yellow House at West Meadows

The Yellow House is a quaint southern-style home for indoor ceremonies.

The Yellow House is a quaint southern-style home for indoor ceremonies. Photo courtesy of The Yellow House.

Situated in the town of Warsaw in eastern N.C., The Yellow House is a Victorian home originally built in the 1920s. Renovated in the 1980s, it is designed to encapsulate idyllic southern country charm. The house is 4,200 square feet and has designated rooms for all wedding accommodations. 

The Marchese family, who owns and runs the event space, is dedicated to making sure each client’s vision is realized. They have more than 25 years of experience hosting all types of events and are prepared to build a custom plan that addresses all of your needs.

All Saints Chapel is an indoor space with historic wedding venue designs and furnishings

The All Saints Chapel showcasing the interior details, including the stain-glass window above the altar. Photo courtesy of F8 Studios.

4. All Saints Chapel

Built in 1875, All Saints Chapel has been hosting wedding ceremonies for more than 140 years. The Gothic Revival chapel is rich with history and offers a unique, picturesque backdrop. The interior features 18-foot-tall ceilings, stained glass windows and detailed woodwork that set the scene for your special day.

The venue sits in the heart of Raleigh’s historic Oakwood neighborhood. For a bonus perk, wedding rehearsals are included in the price for the venue, rather than an extra fee.

All Saints also makes catering easy by partnering with Empire Eats Catering. You can get your favorite food from local restaurants like Sitti, Gravy, The Pit Authentic Barbecue and Square Burger.

5. Timberlake Wedding & Events

The Timberlake house is the picturesque backdrop for the ceremony and the walkway lined with guest seating.

The Timberlake house is the picturesque backdrop for the ceremony and the walkway lined with guest seating. Photo courtesy of Timberlake Wedding & Events.

Timberlake Wedding & Events is the right spot for couples who want a charming colonial atmosphere. Large oak trees and beautiful landscaping adorn the picturesque venue located just 20 minutes north of Raleigh.

The property, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to the Timberlake Historic House. Originally built in 1803, the house has undergone numerous expansions and renovations over the years. The house now has Flemish bond chimneys and exhibits a Neoclassical style portico. Timberlake is one of many large plantation houses of the late 18th and early 19th centuries that have lasted through the construction in Franklin County. It now stands among the best historic wedding venues of the South.

Which historic venue should I choose?

With so many options for beautiful historic wedding venues in North Carolina, we know it can be hard to find the right one for your special day. Our wedding planners work with you directly to bring your vision to life and make sure everything is perfect. If you want to learn more about reception venues or seek extra guidance, feel free to contact us.