Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort and decision making which can be stressful.  You need all the help you can get. There is a solution and that is to attend a wedding show. A wedding show is the best decision you can make for your wedding.  It is the one place where you can see everything about your wedding in one place, in real time.  There’s so much to gain from attending!  Even if you think you know it all and have all you need, you will still want to attend.  This is your time to create your experience.  Wedding Shows will give you ideas you have not thought about yet.  You’ll be grateful for all the new, exciting and necessary information you’ll get from attending one of our wedding shows.  They are fun, interactive and necessary to all engaged couples.  If you looking for that one reason to attend, you’ve come to the right place.  We’re sharing a few reasons why you should attend wedding shows!

Liris Crosse Fashion Show

VMA Studios 

  • Selecting Your Wedding Vendors 

You can always get wedding vendors through referrals, websites or other social media platforms. A wedding show allows you to have personal and physical chats with wedding vendors.  Get to know them, build that rapport with them and determine if their personalities, price point and talent are right for you.

It can take months to coordinate the multiple consultations it will take to choose the right vendor for you.  The time saved only by visiting them at the show, it worth every second you are at the show.  Imagine visiting all the different Venues, Photographers, Florists, Etc. on your own.  It takes time and all that time can be saved by attending a Wedding Show.

  • Finding Out New Styles And Trends

There are many differences between pictures of styles and trends you see on Social Media and when you get to see them in person.  Example, dresses you see online, how does it fit, how does it feel, and will the dress online look different when you see it in person?  At a Wedding Show, you will have the ability to touch, feel and see it all up close.

Trends are created by the creativity, experience and imagination of the wedding pro.  Wedding Planners, DJ’s, Videographers, Florist just to name a few that will be able to show you new trends for the upcoming year.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from these experts face to face and see your wedding come to life right in front of you.

  • Save Money

It all starts and ends with your budget.  For starters, at a wedding show, you’re sure to save money!  How by show specials, show discounts, show bogo’s and show promotions.  Many of the wedding pros that exhibit ins shows are there to help you with your wedding.  They will offer you better pricing for attending.  By taking advantage of what the show has to offer, you will save on your wedding!

  • Bonus Reasons

Bakers provide free samples of cakes and Caterers offer items of their menus.  Fashion Shows are fun, interactive and very visual.  Wedding Pro seminars are extremely informative and will help you with your planning.  There are so many things to do and to gain from by attending a wedding show.  You simple have to go to see for your self.

Forever and Company has been producing Wedding Shows since 1995 and have helped over 50,000 engaged couples plan their weddings!  Make sure you take advantage of every benefit that comes from attending a wedding show!

If you want to connect with some wedding pros from our past wedding shows, professional wedding vendors.  We’re confident that all your wedding planning needs will be met! Contact us today.