We agree with the fact that wedding cakes are an all-time major part of weddings.  While wedding cake trends switch with years and seasons, they are immovable!  Of course, being immovable does not mean there are no tweaks to be had, here and there.  Truth be told, there has been an excellent cake evolution from the days of fruit cakes.  However, many bakers and couples often work together to create personalized styles that will most definitely impress everyone. Get to know some of these cake trends in 2021 below!

  • Floral Designs

Edible flowers on cakes have become a part of wedding cake Trends in 2021. The exciting part is that these designs come as sugar paste, appearing in bold or pastel colors.

Floral options for these pastel designs abound. In addition to the sugar paste roses that exist, more floral arrangements involving hibiscus, hydrangeas, etc., are coming to the limelight.

5 tier Wedding Cake by Edible Art Bakery in RaleighEdible Art Bakery & Desert Café 

  • Ombre Cakes

Usually used for cakes, Ombre adds significant effects, especially if you combine it with flowers that match. It is the proper way to include color in your cake without being overly busy about it.

Wedding cake decor -capital cakesCapital Cakes

  • Hand Piped Décor

Hand piped designs for cakes make for versatility. It helps you involve your cake in your wedding theme. Whether it’s an edible art or an icing design, hand piped decor for wedding cakes is undoubtedly a cake trend to adopt.


  • Mini Cakes And Cupcakes

A couple often sends cupcakes or mini cakes to guests, family, or friends who could not make it to their wedding to celebrate life with them. These cupcakes are often customized before posting them to the guests.

Wedding Cupcakes from Edible Art Bakery in Raleigh NCEdible Art Bakery & Desert Café 

  • Two-tiered Cakes

Asides from having a small number of guests at weddings being the reason for reducing the tiers of cakes, two-tiered cakes also fit into the minimalist style. In addition, they can be adorned with as many as three or four-tiered cakes to look just as elegant.

Raleigh Area Wedding Vendors Create Gatsby Garden Party WeddingConfectionate Cakes

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