Have you ever noticed why some wedding pictures turn out better than others? Even though the same wedding photographer took them?  Well the reason behind this difference, is not far-fetched.  Unfortunately, there are couples who make mistakes during or before their photo sessions.  These mistakes end up ruining the wedding photos.  Typically, these mistakes are a result of important details being overlooked.  Below are examples of wedding photography mistakes you want to try to avoid.

  • Not Booking in Advance

More often than not, newly engaged couples get overwhelmed with planning.  So much so they often forget to book their wedding photographers in advance.  This is extremely important because you want to make sure your photographer will be available.  However, if you delay booking them, you may be forced to hire another photographer whom you don’t like as much.


  • Skipping Pre-Wedding Photo Sessions

Many couples believe having sessions before the wedding day are not essential. On the contrary, pre-wedding photo sessions are very important!  They ultimately help the couple prepare for the main event. Plus, pre-wedding pictures are taken in a more relaxed environment, which increases the couple’s confidence on their special day.  It also allows you to get to know your photographer on a more personal level.  You want your photographer to truly capture the love of you and your significant other.


  • Wedding Day Anxiety  

It’s completely normal for couples to get anxious or nervous on their wedding day.  This is, after all, a day you want everything to go according to plan.  This nervous state can be easily be reflected in wedding photos.  In order to avoid this, try to as calm and relaxed as possible.  Trust your wedding photographer through out the entire process.


  • Not Having a Consultation

Having a consultation with your wedding photographer before the event is never a waste of time.  You will not only build a relationship with the photographer, but you will also get the chance to communicate your vision.  When you meet the photographer before the big day, the energy will easily flow.

Another photography mistake couples make is failing to hire a professional wedding photographer. You can avoid the mistakes listed above if you hire an experienced professional who will guide you through the entire photography planning process.

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