Did you know that one of the most significant memory makers and takeaways for wedding guests is after the reception, when the celebration for your guests to get involved starts? That means that you should do all you can to ensure the entertainment you provide for your reception is enjoyable, fun, and fits within your wedding budget. 


No Need to Sacrifice Quality for Budget

Wedding DJ pricing varies and is usually determined based on a DJ’s experience and equipment quality. However, Elite DJ Solutions believes that having a limited budget shouldn’t dictate the quality level of your wedding and takes great pride in being an award-winning DJ service on top of being one of the most affordable DJ services in the Triangle.


Elite DJ SolutionsThe Perfect DJ for your Perfect Day

Elite DJ Solutions understands that for the celebration to indeed be exceptional, the DJ needs to know how to DJ and understand the desires of the couple and gauge the wedding guests for cues on what will resonate best with them. assigns its DJs based on each client’s wedding day wishes. To help enable the DJ to provide the best service for each couple, Elite DJ Solutions assigns each couple with a DJ who aligns with their needs, taste in music and personality, and even cultural requests such as Latin or Indian music and traditions. Their DJs are flexible and trained to adapt to changes or new demands throughout the event. 


All-Inclusive Packages

All equipment needed for the event is included, such as speakers & microphones, plus you can add on event lightings such as uplights and spotlights and a photo booth to capture all the memories among your guests.

Elite DJ Solutions understands that the lighting and aesthetics of a room work in tandem with the music. Elite DJ Solutions collaborates with clients to create the perfect atmosphere for any event with its event lighting services. This service can include uplighting, monograph lighting, market-style lighting, and dance floor lighting.  The DJ assigned to your wedding will also coordinate with key players from your wedding vendor list to ensure each event looks professional, runs smoothly, and that everyone, especially you, has a great time!


Easy to Use Booking Process

Elite DJ Solutions’ streamlined booking process makes booking a wedding DJ and planning your wedding playlist easy. Couples first fill out an online form outlining their choice of music, speeches, and even wedding games. This initial plan

ning form is followed by a phone call to finalize all your choices and answer additional questions before your big day. 

Elite DJ Solutions provides a fully individualized and customizable experience for each client. DJ packages are customizable, as clients can choose exactly what services they want and build a package unique to them and their event while staying on budget. When you book Elite DJ Solutions, you only pay for what you want, thus saving you time, money, and headache of having features you didn’t need,


The DJ Your Wedding Needs

Based in Apex, Elite DJ Solutions’ skilled DJs make booking and planning for your wedding simple so you can stop worrying about the music and get back to dancing. If Elite DJ Solutions sounds like the fit for you, your guests, and your wedding day needs, and you’d like to learn more about their prices and packages, visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.