The songs you choose for your wedding will play an essential role in setting the mood. For this reason, there’s a need to hire a professional DJ.  More importantly, it’s important to hire one that understands and flows with your personality and style. We say this because only such a DJ can get you and your guests in a festive mood on your big day!

However, there are ways to determine the DJ that’s right for your wedding.  One of those ways is by asking the relevant questions regarding their work and experience. To help you with this choice, here are a couple questions beforehand.

  • What’s Your Style?

This is extremely important because if they don’t match your style, there’s no need to hire them.  You want them to vibe with you while also staying within your budget.

You need to find out how they perform at weddings.  If they’re more comfortable with an agile or a laid-back tone, you must figure out if their style works with the atmosphere that you want for your wedding.


  • Can We Watch You Perform?

This question is dicey because you wouldn’t want clients coming to your wedding to see the DJ’s performance is substandard.  Although, if the DJ has videos of what he can do, you may rate their performance from there to determine if it’s what you need for your big day.


  • Have You Ever Played At Our Venue?

The more familiar they are with your venue, the easier it’ll be for all parties because every venue has its challenges. It will be an added advantage if they know their way around things already.


  • How Long Have You Been A Wedding DJ?

You need to determine if they’re professionals at their job or a newbie. Find out how long they’ve been handling DJing at weddings to avoid hitches on your special day.


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