Are you not comfortable with the idea of gathering hundreds of guests to celebrate your wedding? Are you looking for ways to ensure that there is social distancing? Or perhaps you would prefer something romantic and intimate without going over the top?  In fact,  A small wedding party is just what you need! Here are some tips for a memorable small wedding experience!


  • Plan a Strategic Guest List

Since it’s a small wedding, you must keep the guest list to the minimum. Invite people who are close to you and people you are comfortable with.

If you find it challenging to narrow your guest list, it would be easier to select from friends and family members, with whom you are in constant communication.

When you invite only those closest to your heart,  you’re sure to enjoy an intimate ceremony.


  • Pay Attention to Your Sitting Arrangements

When planning a small wedding, you need to be careful with the seating arrangement.  Especially if the wedding is being held in a larger venue.

Feel free to explore your creativity in your wedding ceremony and reception seating arrangement and table layouts.

You can create an intimate and romantic environment through the seating arrangement. Use extra-large tables in larger venues and opt for extensive wedding décor. Use a comfortable and cozy seating arrangement for a smaller wedding venue.


  • Provide a Wedding Welcome Bag For Guests

Whether it’s an intimate destination wedding you’re hosting, or a simple backyard wedding.   Try distributing wedding welcome bags to your wedding guests!  It is always a great idea for small weddings.

You can include welcome notes, essential items, postcards, local items, etc.  Please make sure you get creative with your selection and give it a personalized touch.


  • Hire a Day-of Coordinator

Whether it’s a small or large wedding, one thing is certain. You need to sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day.

Instead of running around to make sure everything is going well, you can hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinator.

It will be best to create a wedding timeline to enable a smooth flow of activities on your wedding day.


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