Planning your wedding while working a full-time job can be particularly challenging since both activities take up so much time and effort.  To most people, combining a full-time job with your wedding planning responsibility is impossible. With the right approach; however, it is possible to plan your wedding while working full time. Here are some tips for the easiest ways to manage work and wedding planning effectively.



  • Notify Your Employers of Time You May  Need Off

There are times when an appointment with your wedding vendor or other wedding engagements will coincide with your work time.

Whenever you are faced with such situations, ensure that you inform your employer at a timely manor. This will enable you to avoid unnecessary conflicts at work.

You should also notice your honeymoon vacation time and your wedding date to your employers.


  • Plan Your Wedding in Your Free Time

Although planning your wedding is essential, you should not let it encroach your work responsibilities.  Try to avoid the temptation of engaging in wedding planning activities at the workplace.

Do not communicate with your wedding vendors through an office email address or via phone.

While at work, always concentrate on the tasks before you. You can plan your wedding whenever you are done with work to avoid getting fired on the grounds of the negligence of duty.


  • Get Lots of Help from Professionals

The best and easiest way to effectively manage work and wedding planning is by employing professional wedding vendors’ services.

With professionals taking care of your day-to-day wedding planning activities, you will be relieved of the bulk of your wedding planning tasks and have enough time to focus on work.


  • Try to Stay Organized Always

Staying organized is vital to plan your wedding while working full time efficiently. Make plans in detail, and always keep track of your wedding planning tasks.  Try to create a neatly organized to-do list to help you navigate through the entire task thoroughly.


  • Always Find Time to Relax

Working and wedding planning are essential. True, but not at the expense of your physical and mental wellbeing. Make sure you relax and engage in a few recreational activities whenever you have free time.  Go for a walk and get some vitamin D, watch TV shows or movies, visit friends etc.  Just make sure you have fun!

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