Maybe you have signed up for a wedding show, or maybe you are just considering it! Regardless, wedding shows are a unique opportunity as a wedding vendor. They are a chance to showcase your business to many interested couples at once, form relationships, and of course get leads. 

However, they are also a bit of work! With over 20 years of running wedding shows under our belt, Forever & Co has compiled all of our best tips for vendors to have successful wedding shows. 



One of the most, if not the most important things about the show is your booth! You want your booth to stand out and represent your company well. Keep your aesthetic in mind and make your booth visually pleasing – it could even be used as a photo op!

This means you should plan ahead of time, and move in to the show early to set up. You can create ambiance with lighting, adding flooring, or using a fun backdrop. You always want to showcase your work as much as possible, so include plenty of pictures or samples. The most creative booths stand out to couples!

Tip – You can reach out to other wedding vendors in the show and team up to showcase some of their work as you improve your booth! For example, you could include flowers from a florist also in the show. 

Jeffery’s Florist Booth in Winter’23 Forever&Co Wedding Show, Picture by Chanel Productions


It’s important that couples walk away from the show remembering your company – but couples who attend get so much stuff! Make your company stand out with unique and useful freebies, such as coupons, samples, pictures etc. Drinks are also a popular choice! If you’re going to use literature or handouts, make sure they are purposeful and include something engaging, like a coupon code or a fun activity. 



Be warm and friendly, but not too hot! Don’t try to close every couple in 20 minutes at the show. Be prepared and personable when you speak with interested couples, but don’t push anyone. Your success at the show isn’t measured by how many weddings you book day-of, but how many connections you make and can follow up with. It’s better to book the perfect wedding than to try to book multiple weddings that fall through. 

Tip – Don’t stay standing behind your table! The most engaging wedding vendors move around their booth and stand near the aisle so that they are approachable for couples walking around. 

Danielle Volk Creative at the Winter’23 Forever&Co Wedding Show, Picture by Chanel Productions


After you get these wonderful leads and interested couples, do not forget to follow up! Send them emails or text messages to touch base and set up more formal meetings if they are interested. Not every couple will be ready to book at the show, but after a friendly introduction, you can reach out and build that relationship. 



The preparation for a show begins long before the doors open! Make sure you are letting couples know where they can meet you and speak with you about your work. Use whatever channels you currently communicate through, whether it be Instagram, Tik Tok, or email newsletters. Couples will jump at the chance for in-person experiences to meet vendors, and you can help bring them there. 

There you have it! Those are our keys to success for working a wedding show. Check out our Wedding Show page and our social media sites to see more pictures from the Forever & Company Wedding Shows for even more inspiration. Happy Wedding Show-ing!

Stylus DJ Booth in Winter’23 Forever&Co Wedding Show, Picture by Chanel Productions