At the end of the day, a wedding is about celebrating a unity between people who love each other. There is no cause for anything but acceptance and joy in a wedding. Furthermore, wedding planning should never be a scary or unwelcoming experience. As the wedding industry evolves to be more accepting, Forever & Co strives to break barriers and promote an inclusive wedding environment because love is love

There are so many ways to incorporate your love into your wedding, and here are some of our favorites:



It is so important to find vendors whose values align with yours. You want a team that you can be yourself around and can create a wedding that is authentic to you. Make sure you do your homework and select your vendors intentionally – they are going to play a big role in your day!

TIP – This is especially important when choosing your officiant! Whether religious or non-religious, make sure you choose someone who can encapsulate your love. There are even vendors who specialize in LGBTQ+ weddings and premarital counseling.  



There are so many opportunities to include symbols that are important to you and your fiancé in your wedding. A common example for LGBTQIA+ weddings is the pride flag, which can be displayed outright or incorporated in more subtle ways. Rainbow colors can be incorporated in save the dates and invitations, as color inspiration for the florals, or throughout venue decorations.

Pride flag next to wedding bouquet

Check out our Pinterest board for more LGBTQIA+ Wedding Inspiration!



Wedding parties be gone! A fun way to celebrate your love is by combining the wedding parties of you and your fiancé into one big unity party. This is a great option if you are feeling conflicted about choosing your wedding party or the gender stereotypes embedded in traditional wedding parties. 

Your unity party can either split at the altar, stand in one line behind the officiant, or sit and watch from the front row. After all, aren’t they all there with the same mission of supporting you and your loved one?!



As more and more weddings move out of churches, it is still important to choose a venue that has significance in your relationship. You can choose a religious space, a location that holds many memories, or a place you have always wanted to visit. The venue sets the tone of your ceremony and reception, so make sure it is something that feels true to you.  


Rainbow Wedding Bouquet

There you have it! We cannot wait to see all of the beautiful ways you celebrate your love. Be sure to email or DM us with pictures of how you celebrated!

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