Compiling your wedding guest list can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. While it would be nice if it were as simple as just making a list of all your friends and loved ones, it’s unfortunately a bit more complicated. 

It can be difficult to narrow down who to invite and who to leave out. There’s those distant cousins you’ve never met but are still family, the co-workers you can’t not invite if you invite others, your friend’s significant other who you don’t always get along with, and many more.

Your guest list is one of the most expensive decisions you have to make, as it affects catering and your venue. Therefore, it’s important to budget accordingly. At the end of the day, it is impossible to please everyone. Your wedding is your special day, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite anyone who wouldn’t make the event a positive experience.

Small vs. Big Weddings

There are pros and cons to both small and large weddings. Ultimately, it comes down to the kind of experience you want on your special day – a grand party or an intimate gathering?

With a big wedding, there’s less stress about cutting down the guest list and hurting people’s feelings. However, it will result in higher catering costs, and you may have less venue options. This also means you might need to cut corners on other things, such as decoration or entertainment.

A smaller wedding is more intimate, and the day may feel more relaxed as you will be surrounded by only those you are closest to. You will also have more choices when it comes to venues. By saving on catering, you can be more extravagant with other factors. Unfortunately, this means you will have to significantly limit or say no to plus ones. A small wedding is also perfect if you don’t want children at your event.

Wedding Favor Ideas

It’s important to be a good host that shows unique and thoughtful care to their guests. There are many ways to show your appreciation, whether that’s through wedding favors or special services.

An edible wedding favor is always a good idea – everyone loves food. An edible gift with a personal connection to you and your fiancé is a thoughtful way to thank your guests, whether that’s coffee beans from the cafe where you had your first date or a mini bottle of your favorite wine.

Gourmet gift boxes from Togamay.

Togamay offers healthy and delicious gourmet treats that come in customizable gift boxes.

Treats can be personalized with a custom gift tag or thank-you note. Togamay offers personalized cards with notes up to 85 characters long and the option to include your wedding monogram. Their gourmet boxes are easily customizable, as you can choose your ribbon and font. They offer an assortment of healthy and delicious treats made from all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients.

A to-go cake pop in the same flavor as your cake is the perfect way for your guests to take a piece of your wedding home with them. Check out Banko Bake in Raleigh for your cake or other baked goods. Owner Maggie Banko offers a variety of flavors, from chocolate orange to spice cake.

Wedding cake pops

A creative but easy wedding favor idea is to give your guests to-go cake pops in the same flavor as your wedding cake.

There are many ways you can make your wedding guests feel loved and appreciated. We recommend these local businesses for unique and special favors!