One of the most special moments of many couples’ wedding day is the cutting of the wedding cake, as it represents the first activity done as a married couple. 

If you’re on the hunt for a local business to make your wedding cake and desserts, be sure to check out the Raleigh wedding cake company Banko Bake, founded in May 2021 by NC State graduate Maggie Banko

Her Story

Maggie Banko holding one of her wedding cakes.

Maggie Banko, 22-year-old NC State graduate, founded Banko Bake in May 2021.

Since she was a little girl, the now 22-year-old Maggie has been passionate about baking and making food for others to enjoy. 

“Growing up, my mom would always make the most intricate birthday cakes for our family,” she said. “That got me interested in making cakes and desserts.”

After graduating last year with a degree in entrepreneurship, it was important for Maggie to find a career that gave her work-life balance. Luckily, baking allowed her to turn one of her favorite hobbies into a full-time job. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to take baking more seriously, creating an Instagram account to showcase her work. Soon, she started taking orders, and Banko Bake was officially formed.

All of the cakes are made from scratch using recipes curated by Maggie herself. She loves experimenting with different flavors and ingredients. One of her favorite parts of baking is utilizing her creativity and coming up with new ideas. 

Your Dream Cake

Banko Bake offers a variety of flavors, from the classic chocolate and vanilla, to more unique ones like chocolate biscotti, salted caramel and spice cake. Filing options range from rich flavors like fudge or cookies and cream, to fruity options like strawberry and raspberry. Other flavors are available upon request. For wedding and anniversary orders, Maggie is able to customize the cake to your exact desires.

Banko Bakes wedding cake - white with coral flowers.

For wedding and anniversary orders, you are able to customize your cake based on any theme, flavor, and color scheme.

If you’re planning to serve a less traditional wedding dessert, Maggie offers several cake alternatives as well. Cupcakes are a great choice for those who don’t want to stray too far from tradition. She also offers cake pops, cookies, and brownies. 

Banko Bake is a family-run business. Banko’s parents are her biggest supporters, and they have played a major role in getting the business up and running.

“None of this would be possible without my family,” she said. 

For pricing information and to see more of her amazing work, visit the Banko Bake website. Maggie also shares recipe inspiration and ideas on her blog.