There are many steps to wedding planning – choosing your vendors, the venue, and the dress, to name a few. However, before doing any of that, you need to decide on your overall wedding theme. It is important that everything feels cohesive and accurately reflects you and your partner’s personal style. 

With so many ideas out there, it can be hard to narrow down your options. We’ve created a guide to walk you through the most important aspects to consider when determining your wedding vibe.

Choosing Your Wedding Season

Your wedding season is going to have a major effect on your style.

Do you want a bright and whimsical summer wedding, or a deep and romantic winter one? Ceremonies in the spring and summer tend to have light, pastel color schemes, while the fall and winter are often characterized by jewel tones and metallics.

You should also consider your budget when deciding on the season of your wedding. Traditionally, “wedding season” is considered late spring to early fall, with the most popular months being June and September. So if you’re looking to score an amazing venue on a budget, a winter wedding may be a wise choice.

Showcases Rand-Bryan House wedding venue.

Photo Courtesy of The Rand-Bryan House.

Finding Inspiration

Some people have a wedding Pinterest board before they get in their first relationship. Others may not even think about their big day until they’re engaged, and realize they have no idea where to start.

For those that fall within the latter group, a good first step is to create a mood board. Read up on the latest wedding trends, browse Pinterest and check out wedding blogs to find out what styles you like. Save the pictures that inspire you and bring them to your planner – they can then help you decide on a cohesive theme.

Narrowing Down Your Style

Do you want your big day to feel glamorous and modern, or do you envision an intimate, rustic gathering? No matter what you choose, it’s important to make your vision as specific as possible to communicate it effectively to your vendors.

To narrow down your style, consider the personality and hobbies of you and your partner. Perhaps you share a love for nature. In that case, you might consider a beach or botanical garden as your venue. You can easily incorporate your passions into the decor, in this case through floral centerpieces and lots of greenery.

Flowers from Thymeless Blooms NC.

Photo Courtesy of Thymeless Blooms NC.

Setting The Tone

The look of your wedding is going to affect the overall vibe. Decide on what kind of celebration you want it to be – a black-tie event at a five-star hotel is going to feel chic and classy, while a party on the beach is relaxed and jubilant. 

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to planning your wedding. Trends come and go, but your big day is a promise of forever – always go with what feels most true to you and your partner. 

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