Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Your wedding bouquet is an extension of your personality. If that means doing away with traditional floral bouquets, you’re not alone. Meaningless traditions have transformed into modern and thoughtful details that have guests saying, “That is so them!”. Every detail from wedding gowns, favors, and desserts, brides are breaking away from the traditional and making unique the new norm.

Your wedding bouquet is not different. There are many alternative non-floral bouquets that will seamlessly blend into your day while reminding your guests of your style and charm.

1) Hoops

Thinking outside the bouquet. Flower hoops are a great alternative to traditional bouquets. Still incorporating flowers this unique presentation of nature. For a boho feel turn to embroidery hoops with lace and ribbon.

Flower Hoops, florals, flower rings

Moira West Photography

2) Parasols or umbrellas

Whether its keeping the sun out of your eyes or embracing the chance of rain and protecting your party, these are a win-win! Parasols make for a great photo-op with numerous colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from. They can be a fun and useful prop!

parasols, wedding umbrellas, wedding party

Graham Teruhune

3) Handbags

Having a spring garden wedding? Exude some quirkiness with mossy flower bags. Or add a bit of luxe down the aisle with a chic clutch or feathered purse.  Make it personal: monogram each purse, such a special gift they can keep long after your wedding.

4) Earthy Looks

Not a fan of flowers? Think of using plants instead. Succulents and seed pods, olive branches and even eucalyptus create an organic feel without a flowery bouquet. Bring the outdoors in with acorns or bunches of beautiful berries to make a stunning fall or winter bouquet.

5) Pet Lovers

Who says you can’t bring your fur baby down the aisle? For an adorable twist on the everyday wedding bouquet, cradling puppies or kittens down the aisle makes for the cutest photo-ops and certainly a memorable moment for everyone.

6) Paper Perfection

Pin-wheels, paper flowers, pomanders, Oh My! Paper is incredibly versatile and a great way to add color and new textures to your wedding bouquet. For a thoughtful touch, gift each member of your party a custom notebook with a heartfelt note from you and the groom. Our friends over at Cute Buttons can help you with this!

7) Lanterns

Light the way with lanterns down the aisle. For a night wedding, this will give a gorgeous glow during your ceremony. There are plenty of lantern options to compliment your wedding décor. Vintage, rustic, modern, the list goes on. For all our DIYers you can always spray paint them to get the exact look you need.

Wedding lantern, non-traditional bouquet, lantern bouquet

8) Sweets

For the sweet tooth in you, you don’t have to compromise! Add your favorite candy in the mix for your bridal party to carry down the aisle. Cotton candy or as we’d like to call it, Fairy floss is a super fun and yummy idea. For another sweet idea try a lollipop wedding bouquet, in everyone’s favorite flavor. How sweet it is! Don’t forget the best part about this option, you can eat it later #multipurpose.

non-traditional bouquet, cotton candy wedding