Photo courtesy of K Star’s Photography

Choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet can be overwhelming.  With so many varieties, narrowing down a selection can be quite a chore. What colors and blooms are appropriate? Does the time of year make a difference? What fillers or accents should you use? To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best wedding flowers for each season to help you create your floral arrangements.


Photo courtesy of K Star’s Photography

Light and delicate, spring blooms bring a soft elegance to any event. Pastel colors are prominent throughout the season, and many have scents that are gentle on the senses. Popular spring flowers include tulips, peonies, lilacs, calla lillies, irises, daisies, light roses, and hydrangeas. Flowering branches or sturdier plants can also be a nice touch and add variety.


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Summer is all about dreamy and whimsical flowers with bold scents. Colors are bright, buttery and cheerful. Sunflowers, asters, Gerbera daisies, snapdragons, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, zinnias, and hydrangeas are some great summer wedding flowers. And don’t forget the greenery.  Greenery adds a nice contrast to make your colors pop, and adds an earthy accent.


Photo courtesy of Sarah Keenan Creative

Various hues and shades of reds, yellows, oranges — even purples — will make any fall bouquet pop with autumnal ambiance. These warm colors capture the late summer radiance, and bring a warm glow to your wedding day. Sunflowers, mums, zinnias, roses, daisies, marigolds, asters and both Asiatic and Cala Lillies are just a few of the blooms perfect for fall arrangements. Pair with berries, succulents, seedpods, pumpkins, or pinecones to really bring the season alive.


Photo courtesy of Kayli LaFon Photography

Classic red and white immediately spring to mind when thinking about winter flowers. These colors are great, especially around the holidays. Other winter colors include blues and silvers. Carnations, amaryllis, ranunculus, gardenias, white tulips, white Lillies, roses and Star of Bethlehem are some of the flowers that look beautiful for winter weddings. In addition, add some festivity with the always-classic evergreen, pinecones, holly, or mistletoe.


Photo courtesy of Kurt Hilton Photography

While finding the best wedding flowers for each season sets the tone for your day and saves money, there are some flowers that can be used no matter what time of the year you find yourself in. These include carnations, hydrangeas,  and variations of roses, lillies, orchids and daisies, to name a few. Of course, to ensure the right flowers for your wedding, check with a florist for advice on choosing and arranging your flowers.