Especially on one of the most important days of your life, your outfit is an outward expression of your personality and who you are. As you walk down the aisle, your suit should represent your most authentic self. 

SF Tailors prides itself on expanding beyond off-the-rack suits to create custom garments for each client. Specializing in bespoke suits where each piece is made from scratch based on your measurements, SF Tailors also offers jackets, pants, overcoats and more for formal and business occasions.

Bride and groom dance down the aisle smiling and laughing

SF Tailor suits are made for dancing

The Suit Made For You 

Your wedding day is just the beginning of a beautiful journey where each step makes the awaited dream a reality. SF Tailors is dedicated to ensuring that your suit works seamlessly with that dream. They provide affordable custom suits at department store prices to accommodate a variety of budgets. 

SF Tailors is based in Raleigh and run by passionate stylists. From the moment you walk in, you are made to feel at home in the showroom. As you sip a drink, a stylist walks you through the fabric and design selection. SF Tailor’s fabric is sourced from their own mill where designers create beautiful collections for you to choose from. They also collaborate with high-end European fabric brands that can help take your bespoke suit to the next level. 

After your fabric selection, your stylist takes your measurements and uses a body scan to create a perfect model for your suit. The ultra-modern 3D body scanner ensures that your garment is flattering and comfortable for your wedding day. 

Two brides portrait on the beach

The suit for every body and every love

Your Suit Is Your Canvas

A suit contains many more details beyond the fabric, and SF Tailors believes every element should serve to showcase your authentic style and personality. 

Clients can dictate every detail of their suit, from the number of lapel buttonholes and style, to the breast pocket style, shape and fabric. You can also customize shirts, ties and accessories to complete your look. 

SF Tailor’s streamlined, personalized design process empowers clients to be confident and expressive from head to toe.

To get in touch with SF Tailors, contact their team at or call 919-656-7327.