There are many things to do before your wedding day and most of them are a part of your wedding planning process. We’re talking about things like making sure your venue is perfect, confirming your décor is how you want it and more.  However, you should not forget to take care of yourself in the mean time, weeks leading up to your wedding day.  Pay attention to your body and your health as it will affect your ability to enjoy your special day. So, how can you do that? Here are some selfcare tips that will most definitely come in handy.

Camp Gladiator outdoor group workout

Camp Gladiator Outdoor Group Workouts 

  • Work out regularly

Yes, you may be stuck indoors as a result of social distancing and need to stay safe during this pandemic. This does not; however, mean your workout routine should be thrown out the window. Try some cardio and strength exercises in the comfort of your home or try going outside and participating in a group workout class.

There are more important things at stake here than fitting into a smaller dress. You will feel better both physically and mentally, in turn feeling more confident about yourself. It will also improve your immunity and keep you feeling strong. Do it as regularly as possible, by creating a routine. It will help you manage stress and anxiety, keep your skin healthy and make you feel beautiful from the inside and out.


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  • Eat Properly

Planning a wedding sure can be stressful, but now is not the time to succumb to cravings.  Try to remember that nourishing your body with the right foods are always super important. Go for foods that do just that.

We’re talking: fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, fiber and lots more. When you stick to these you’ll find yourself with increased energy and a radiating glow, especially when your wedding day comes around.


  • Take breaks

Yes, you can and should take breaks, even if you find yourself working from home. Practicing meditation, smiling more often, soaking up some Vitamin D, among other things are all great for your mental health. You are the most important part of your wedding after all.


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