When choosing a location for your wedding, it’s best to pick a venue that is stylistically and thematically cohesive with the rest of your wedding plans. Your guests should be able to easily understand your creative vision and style expression so they can solely focus on you and your partner throughout your big day. 

Here are five popular wedding styles we expect to see this year, along with venue ideas that would best suit each theme:  

Minimalist: Museums

Minimalist Wedding | The Field Museum | Chicago, IL

Museum exhibits, with their timeless beauty, can easily double as elegant and unique wedding decor. Photo Credit: Averyhouse

Museums provide such a striking backdrop for weddings that little else is needed in terms of decor with a venue of this type. There is something spectacular about tying the knot among dinosaur fossils, in front of priceless paintings or in a planetarium underneath the stars.

Museums also focus on a variety of different topics, which gives couples an inventive way to further personalize their wedding. For couples with a passion for science, the NC Museum of Natural Sciences is a stunning and expansive venue option.

Industrial: Lofts

A true loft is the site of a converted warehouse or factory building. The industrial wedding style is ideal for one-of-a-kind weddings, as their interiors function like a blank canvas that can be transformed to reflect any unique personality.

Regardless of the personal touches you add, you can’t go wrong with trendy industrial detailing, featuring exposed brick, wood beam ceilings and structural columns. For a more modern and elevated look, add touches of black steel to the decor throughout your venue. 

Modern: Rooftops

Modern Wedding | Tribeca Rooftop | New York City, NY

Rooftop venues create a modern and unforgettable experience for your guests, and they also photograph beautifully due to their altitudes. Photo Credit: Andy Gaines

Rooftop venues, with their access to both high altitudes and the open air, provide an unforgettable view for all of your wedding festivities. Similarly to museums, rooftop venues are already breathtaking without any extra embellishments, and therefore generally require less planning than other options. We love the atmosphere at City Club, especially.

Picture all of your loved ones watching your ceremony surrounded by the panoramic city skyline of your choice, or dancing the night away amongst the stars during your reception. To make the most of the open space at your rooftop venue, consider working with a videographer like Island Sound, Stylus SE, DJ Intershade or VMA Studio to incorporate drones into your wedding photography, which adds a unique flair to the memories you’ll look back on later. 

Nautical Wedding | Emerald Isle Realty | Emerald Isle, NC

Oceanic colors and nautical accents are fitting for any wedding taking place at a coastal venue. Photo Credit: Emerald Isle Realty

Nautical: Coasts

Most couples who have a nautical-themed wedding choose to do so because their wedding will take place at a beach, on a boat, or at some other coastal venue. Evoke a seafaring spirit by incorporating coastal elements like boats, stripes, navy blue and emerald green when working with this wedding style.

When planning around a nautical theme, you can also work with oceanic accents like corals, starfish and palm fronds. Beach house wedding rentals are also a great option to house you and your guests for coastal events. We definitely recommend reaching out to Emerald Isle Realty and A Seaside Wedding to explore their beautiful rental properties perfect for a nautical wedding and their planning and vendor services.

Bohemian: Barns

Barn Wedding | The Kinsleeshop Farm | Statesville NC

Barn venues like The Kinsleeshop Farm in Statesville, N.C. are perfect for any couple looking to have lots of open space at their wedding while still maintaining a cozy feel. Photo Credit: The Kinsleeshop Farm

A vintage barn venue is ideal for any Bohemian wedding, especially if you’re looking for something romantic yet laid-back with lots of room for your guests to dance. If a barn is what you’re looking for, natural foliage, rustic decor and delicate touches of lace will complement the venue nicely.

When adding details, stick to decor that is natural and neutral. Try including wooden signs in your venue to draw on the nature themes, and include colors like dusty rose, tan and sage in your palette. For further inspiration, check out this Forever and Company shoot, showcasing a Bohemian wedding style with Cottage-core influences. 

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