Weddings are a time to celebrate love and new beginnings, but they can also be a lot of work, and with work comes stress. Between the venue, the catering, the flowers, and the dress, there are many moving parts to coordinate for a wedding. With so many moving parts, it is expected that you need to expect the unexpected to occur or for something to slip through the cracks. The trick to having a fantastic wedding experience for everyone comes down to having a team of professional wedding vendors who have mastered the art of saving the day and making it better than you could have dreamed of.


One professional wedding vendor notorious for stepping up to the plate to #SaveTheWedding is the team at Stylus SE.

Whether it’s a storm knocking out the power in the middle of a reception, having the cake fall to the floor, or a bride finding herself one month out from her wedding day with no DJ, Stylus sweeps into #SaveTheWedding for all those couples.

Weddings are about more than the “I do’s,” the cake, and the champagne toast; they’re an entire experience. The music, the lighting, and the overall ambiance all play a role in how your guests will remember your wedding day. When you work with a company like Stylus SE, you are working with some of the best in the business and with people who genuinely care about your wedding day being everything you ever dreamed of and more.


We sat down with Jason Huggins, Senior DJ and owner of Stylus SE, and asked him to share some of his favorite #SaveTheWedding stories with us on what it means to be a wedding DJ. Hint: it’s not just about the music.




Forever & Co.: Can you share a time when the Stylus SE team saved a wedding amidst conditions outside anyone’s control?

Jason: Absolutely! How much time do you have to listen? I’ve got enough #SaveYourWedding stories to fill a book. While it’s rare that straight up disaster strikes, it’s often due to conditions outside our control, things could be weather-related or something involving other guests or vendors. Mid-June is always a busy month for weddings, but there are lots of times throughout the year when Mother Nature changes her mind every couple of minutes about what she wants to do with the weather. This particular Friday was no different. We were hired by this couple to provide the entertainment for their wedding at the Matthews House in Cary and, no kidding, the power went out just a few minutes into the reception, sending the wedding into pitch darkness. Without a second thought, our DJ and Emcee for that wedding, ran through the pouring rain to our van, grabbed two dozen uplights and battery-powered speakers, and kept the party going. They literally partied for four hours while every other wedding in Raleigh was ending early and sending guests to their cars in a downpour.

Forever and Co: It sounds like being a wedding DJ is more than just hitting the play button on your laptop and ensuring the speakers are loud enough. What truly sets one wedding DJ apart from another?

Jason: One word: experience. Wedding DJs don’t just play music; we set the tone of the entire event. I’m an Eagle Scout being prepared is more than just knowing the music, crushing the dance floor, and making the crowd feel the love. Yes, the music plays a massive role in setting the tone, but so does the MCing and the event direction – it’s all of that together that keeps the energy, love, and positivity flowing.

Forever & Co.: Positivity? Odd choice of word.

Jason: Your DJ/MC is literally the one who sets the narrative tone of your entire event. Imagine your favorite movie with a narrator who didn’t know what they were doing? It would change everything for you. Let’s look at another real-life example that happened to us; How would you react if you were about to cut your wedding cake and someone accidentally knocked the table leg, and your three-tier Pinterest-inspired wedding cake came crashing to the floor?

Forever & Co.: I’d gasp, scream and cry.

Jason: That’s the knife’s edge we were on when that happened at a wedding I was hired for, and just like you’d expect, when the cake crashed, there were screams, gasps, and tears. I immediately threw on ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard, hopped on the mic,  got out front, and within 3 minutes every guest was out of their seats, using their clean fork to get a bite of the part that hadn’t hit the floor, and shared an embrace with the couple before hitting the dance floor. It was a receiving line but with cake! That story still warms my heart every time I tell it; it reminds me of that scene from Rudy with everyone lining up and laying down their jersey on the desk. The difference between disaster and funny story is literally the person you’ve got on the microphone.

Forever & Co.: WHOA! You are more than a guy playing music; you create a complete wedding experience.

Jason: Exactly. DJs play music, but we ensure the wedding experience is positive and memorable in the right ways. Oh, and we play amazing music!

We aren’t saying every wedding experience will have a disaster or an emergency. In fact, most won’t, which should put you at peace, but wouldn’t you be more relaxed on your wedding day if you knew Stylus SE was on-site to save the day if necessary?

If you want to learn more about Stylus SE or how they can #SaveYourWedding, visit their website and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook too.