Summer & Spokes Photo Co.


I believe in connection and understanding the true symbolism of photos. No one story is the same and every chapter is different from the others. Photos give us an opportunity to relive memories and moments otherwise sometimes, forgotten or outlived. Photos help our generations understand key moments, memories, and bonds otherwise indescribable.

My approach to wedding photography is informal, creative and a ton of fun. No one likes rules and the traditionalists can keep their awkward poses! You’ll find no forced cliches with me! Not all weddings are the same, and neither are all wedding photographers.

I would describe my style as relaxed, intimate and timeless with an emphasis on people and emotions. It’s largely documentary or candid; that means that I’ll get out of your way and let you get on with enjoying yourselves, whilst grabbing all the weird, crazy, wonderful, awkward, hilarious, emotional moments as your day unfolds.

As a Photographer, I understand you are placing your trust in me to capture your most sacred and precious moments. From Weddings to Families, to Motherhood, I promise that I will provide you with a gallery that you can relive your most precious memories through.


  • Family Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography