Brian Anthony Photography + Cinematography


We are a husband and wife photography team based in Greensboro. With over two decades of experience behind the lens, we bring a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and passion to every project we take on.

We’re a lighthearted duo, with a love for capturing life’s most precious moments through the art of photography. Whether we’re snapping a couple’s first kiss, a newborn’s first smile, or a family’s first reunion in years, we take pride in creating images that are as vibrant and full of life as the people in them.

When we’re not behind the camera, you can find us exploring Greensboro, checking out the local art scene, or simply kicking back with a good cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle. We believe that life is too short to take things too seriously, and that’s reflected in our work – we’re always looking for new ways to infuse our images with fun, humor, and a touch of whimsy.

So whether you’re looking to capture the magic of your wedding day, the joy of a new arrival, or the love between family and friends, we’re here to help you create images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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  • Engagement Photos
  • Family Photos
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  • Wedding Photos
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