While traditional methods like buffets have proven to be efficient and quick for feeding a large number of wedding guests, you’re not limited to the basics anymore. More and more engaged couples are looking to non-traditional catering and other meal options to set their wedding apart and boost the overall guest experience.

Why not a buffet?

Now more than ever, couples want to ensure their wedding day is an unforgettable experience for everyone there. There are several routes you can take to personalize your wedding, but creative catering will ensure a unique experience.

When having a buffet, it is not only more difficult to accommodate guests who have food restrictions, but receiving food and returning to seats can also be a long and slow process. Food variety may also be limited which may mean not all guests are satisfied. And, of course, we want to keep our friends and family safe – so buffets are not always the most COVID-friendly option for large events.

Considering non-traditional catering or food will both enhance guest experience and set your wedding apart from others. Non-traditional catering at weddings could be anything from grazing charcuterie boards and food trucks to desserts only or food stations. 

CharcuterieGraze Charcuterie board

Whether you’re looking to provide a snack for the wedding or food for your reception, charcuterie boards are a great way to go.

Charcuterie boards are a curated assortment of meats and cheeses frequently accented by fruit, nuts and more. They are visually pleasing as a part of your event setting and taste even better. These beautiful boards have become increasingly popular in recent years and are certain to impress your guests.

Located in Raleigh, Graze Charcuterie works with you to create beautiful charcuterie boards, cones, boxes and tables that will add some pizzazz to any event. For more information about catering by Graze, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook or online.

Big Mike's BBQ logo

Big Mike’s BBQ food truck logo

Food trucks

Another great choice for non-traditional catering to consider is a food truck. You can even have several food trucks serving a range of different types of cuisine, providing a fun way for guests to access a variety of delicious options. 

Apex-based Big Mike’s BBQ is a barbecue food truck built to satisfy any North Carolina wedding. From hand-chopped BBQ and collard greens to banana pudding, Big Mike’s offers a variety of meats, sides and desserts that are sure to please your guests.

Whether you want chicken BBQ, pork BBQ, veggies or BBQ tacos, Big Mike’s has perfected an array barbecue for people to choose from.

For more information about food truck catering services, you can check out Big Mike’s BBQ on Instagram, Facebook or online.

Raleigh Popsicle Co. popsicles

Several of Raleigh Popsicle Co.’s handmade popsicles

Sweet treats

After a delicious meal, a sweet treat is a must. Traditional treats such as cupcakes, cake and other decadent goodies may not be appealing to some of your guests or even to you.

You could instead offer your guests popsicles, ice cream, pies, donuts – any of your favorite sweet treats.

Raleigh Popsicle Co. is a locally owned popsicle shop offering more than 15 different flavors to choose from, so each guest is sure to find the flavor for them. 

Cristhian and Nikki, the owners of Raleigh Popsicle Co., bring their vintage bicycle cart to your special event, and as they hand out their delicious pops to your guests, you can relax knowing they have it under control. Raleigh Popsicle Co. offers several different packages for you to choose from. For more information about what they do, you can find Raleigh Popsicle Co. on Instagram, Facebook or online.