Autumn Hicks was living in North Carolina when she first met Brittany Davila. These coincidental neighbors quickly became best friends and, ultimately, business partners.

The Mon Macaron store front in Downtown Raleigh

The Mon Macaron store front in Downtown Raleigh. Photo courtesy of Mon Macaron.

Hicks started baking macarons as a hobby. Soon after, she rented out a commercial kitchen and started selling her decadent creations to family and friends.

As the customer base continued to grow, Hicks asked Davila to join. Since 2019, Mon Macaron has been a full-fledged business. 

Eventually, Davila and Hicks specialized their offerings for weddings and events, creating towers of customized macarons for weddings, business events, and social functions. Now, these macaron towers are a staple in the Mon Macaron menu.

The macarons are created with a special ganache-based filling that led to Mon Macaron’s popularity. As a result, Hicks and Davila organized partnerships with local restaurants and coffee shops to offer their products wholesale to the community. 

In March 2021, they officially opened the doors to their own store in Downtown Raleigh.

Adding the unique flavors to your wedding spread

Custom designed macarons with symbols and graphics

Custom designed macarons with symbols and graphics.

Macarons are a great option for weddings, with a wide variety of flavors to choose from. They are also gluten free, so all guests can enjoy them. 

True French macarons are a crunchy and chewy cookie made with almond flour and meringue. They rise in the oven and create feet that add extra texture to the shell. Mon Macaron has perfected the advanced techniques necessary to create scrumptious macarons that have been piped, baked, and filled with fresh fillings.

Mon Macaron ensures that all ganache fillings are made from fresh ingredients and taste delicious on their own, without the use of too much sugar. Their unique ganaches are rich and decadent in taste, often utilizing Ghirardelli brand chocolates.

Customizing your final wedding spread look

A six-tiered Mon Macaron tower colored in a pink to beige ombre effect

A six-tiered Mon Macaron tower colored in a pink to beige ombre effect.

Macarons can also be designed to match or complement your color palette. Traditionally, French macarons are 1.25 – 2in in size and can be decorated with a variety of colors and gold or silver accents.

Mon Macaron goes even further. They create personalized designs with custom colors, symbols, monograms, and logos. Using food-safe colors in a hand airbrush machine, Mon Macaron creates detailed patterns and bright colors that are unique to your event.

The added elegance of a macaron tower to your dessert table elevates both the aesthetic and flavors at your wedding. Towers are available in varying sizes, and you have the freedom to choose your own flavors and colors.

For a grand presentation, you can order two 10-tier macaron towers. Typically, these towers are placed on their own or as lavish accent pieces on either side of the wedding cake. If you want to order a tower for a smaller event, such as a bridal party, the 6-tier tower is a great choice.

If you want to learn more about Mon Macaron, visit their website. To start building your order, you can reach them at (984) 200-1387 or visit their store location at 111 Seaboard Ave #118 in Raleigh, NC. To learn more about other options for cakes and desserts at your wedding, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite vendors here.