Getting the right wedding planner for your wedding is the first step to having a perfect wedding. Because if you’re willing to use a wedding planner, then it has to be the first of all your wedding decisions.  A wedding planner is going to help you with all things that concern your day. So there’s a need to take all the proper steps in choosing one. Below are some tips to help guide your choice of a wedding planner!

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  • Go Through Their Portfolio

Every wedding planner should have a portfolio, a compilation of pictures, and videos of the jobs or weddings they’ve worked on. Going through a wedding planner’s portfolio is one way to determine how organized they are. You’ll also see how well their style can match yours and the types of weddings they are great at handling.

Wedding planners offer different kinds of services, but it would be best if you went with someone who shares your ideas, as well as takes note of the points you emphasize.


  • Know If You’re Compatible With Them

Choosing someone who “vibes” with your style and person is essential. But, what better way to find that out than from various physical meetings?

Because there’s only so much you can discover about someone over phone calls or text messages. But, if you work with someone whose decisions you can trust, then you’re good to go with your wedding plans.


  • Carefully Read The Contract

After going through their portfolio and seeing how compatible you are with them, read the contract properly. A contract is not an everyday article or novel, and it won’t capture your interest. Still, it’s quite an important document determining whether you’ll go ahead with the planner or opt for a different one.

It would help you get an insight on the kind of services you’ll be expecting, to avoid late surprises during your wedding planning or on your big day.

Having a wedding planner is like having a confidant, in whom you place all your trust, to come up with significant decisions that would lead to a perfect day.


Forever and Company is happy to be that bridge that will link you to the wedding planner of your choice. And we’ll also connect you to other professional wedding vendors that would work together to see that you get an unforgettable event! Contact us now.

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