We love that couples are going modern, contrary to the traditional ways that you may associate with weddings. Brides now have different styles and colors for wedding gowns coupled with the idea of a reception gown. And we’re not saying that tradition isn’t fun, but going out of the line sometimes creates all the uniqueness you may need.  With many couples choosing to adopt unique wedding trends in 2021, we’re confident you’ll find one or two that will inspire you to make the change!

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  • Ready To Wear Dresses

Most brides don’t see the need to go to a bridal boutique and choose a wedding dress for hours, then end up taking it to a designer for alterations.

The choices usually take months to get ready and extra months to alter.  One of the new wedding trends, is to go for a more effortless method of using ready-to-wear dresses and still looking stunning for their day. The fun part is that these dresses are often reusable.


  • Spoiling Your Guests

From being creative with food and drinks, couples add other ways to their wedding guests’ treats. They offer personalized gifts and stationery and have tiers of cakes in their group names. This is a very popular trend!

  • Statement Décor

More couples are employing unique and creative ways to have signature weddings. The use of fantastic and stunning backdrops is on the increase. Amazing table décor with printed stationeries are décor ideas that are also topping the trend list.

Floral arrangements, lightings, candle holders, etc., can add significantly to the sophistication of a wedding event.


  • Ceremony Now, Celebration Later

The idea of small and destination weddings also entice couples. They get a few close friends and family members to witness the official ceremony of their union. They can host a celebration party much later. Most couples even merge their wedding celebrations with their first anniversary.


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