Centerpieces are almost an inevitable part of wedding decors. There’s hardly any wedding event you’ll walk into and not see centerpieces as a part of the tablescapes.

With centerpieces, the options are endless, and it makes it somewhat a daunting task trying to make a choice. If you’re wondering where to begin, here’s the right place!

We have come up with a list of centerpieces you may want to choose from. Find out the ones that suit your styles, and plan your décor accordingly!

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  • Trees

There’s something about placing trees at the center of tables and dangling candles from their stems makes it worth a try. Other ways to use trees as centerpieces involve hanging flowers, lights, or ribbons to give a fairy garden feel.


  • Hanging Blooms

A unique type of centerpiece, mainly for a romantic, chic, or whimsical-themed wedding, is hanging flowers above the tables.

It will add life to the ceiling and impress your guests. Of course, it works better in indoor affairs or tents.


  • Linens

You can never go wrong with the right linens for your table décor as well as your centerpieces. Linens made of unique fabrics with texture such as sequins and linens or embroidery and lace are great bases for your tablescape.


  • Books

If you’re erudite, using books as centerpieces can be a great way to relay your style. You can name your guests’ tables according Fa to genres. This way, you not only drive home the point, but you also accentuate the effect of your centerpieces.

  • Floral Centerpieces 

Floral arrangements as centerpieces are excellent because there are plenty of options you can employ to make a statement.

For instance, there are tall floral arrangements, with short ones. Then, there’s a mix of both, which is equally as gorgeous as their arrangements.

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