You want people to leave a lasting impression on your wedding day, which sometimes means thinking out of the box with your wedding celebration preferences. Weddings are a ceremony of tradition, but you can spice up and individualize your ceremony regarding food and decorations.

blue velvet cupcake with blue alcohol shot planted on top

Blame It On The Cupcake

Like many entrepreneurial spirits working at a traditional 9 to 5 during the pandemic, Angel Louis questioned her current career choice and the possibility of a work-life balance that would allow her to have a career she loved but still make time for her family. In April 2020, Louis started Boozie Bakes, which specializes in alcoholic baked goods for people looking for non-traditional desserts at their events.

She offers both alcohol-infused and non-alcohol-infused (virgin) desserts.

Louis experiments with various drinks, flavors, and combinations to find the next fan favorite. She taste tests each new flavor to ensure that customers love every bite. Her selection varies from alcohol-shot cupcakes to wedding cake dresses. One of her fan favorites is the “You Had Me at Chocolate Bourbon” cake.

woman wearing wedding dress with cupcakes placed around them. Another woman stands behind her and smiles

Say Yes To The Cake Dress


Louis’ career began in social work and special education, but once she became a full-time mom, she realized her heart would be found in baking. Angel discovered her passion in the kitchen as she spent time baking with her kids, which is still, to this day, one of her favorite pastimes spent with her children. Seeing her family’s faces lighting up every time she opened the oven solidified her calling to share delicious desserts with others who would enjoy them as much as her family. That realization led Angel to open Boozie Bakes, allowing her to perfect her craft and support her family while sharing her joy of baking with those who sought non-traditional desserts for their special occasions.  



“Once I found what ignited my soul I knew I had to pursue it with everything I had,” Louis said.


Like most business owners first starting, Louis faced many challenges in the beginning stages. This included finding events to provide desserts for, events to advertise with, and most importantly, building a loyal clientele. Even with each obstacle, Louis never stopped going, and she never let any hiccups interfere with making her baking business dream a reality. Like most successful entrepreneurs, she knew that to succeed, you need to have the right team supporting you, and Louis proceeded to hire a marketing professional to take her brand to the next level. This marketing expert even helped her come up with her company’s name, Boozie Bakes.

She started working at smaller events to expand her reach and get her name out. These events gave people a chance to meet the face behind the cakes and sample her products. She knew that once people tasted her decadent desserts, new customers and new opportunities for the business would be knocking on her door… and she was right.


“As a black female business owner, I know sometimes I must prove myself for doors to open,” Louis said, “but that is something I am willing to do to grow my business.”


woman stands left of alcoholic desserts advertisement

“Momentrepreneur” Angel Louis

Boozie Bakes gives Louis a way to unwind after a long day of juggling her life as a mother and wife, both of which are full-time jobs on their own. Louis works hard each day to perfect her recipes to give each customer a chance to unwind when they take a bite of a Boozie Bakes dessert. Boozie Bakes offers both alcohol-infused and non-alcohol-infused (virgin) desserts, permitting wedding guests of all ages and alcohol preferences to enjoy the delicious goodness that is a Boozie Bakes cake.

The sky is the limit with Boozie Bakes, and Louis aspires to broaden her audience and build a platform everywhere with multiple locations soon.




You can learn more about Boozie Bakes and their customized baked goods here or by checking them out on Instagram or Facebook.