Every aspect of your wedding deserves to be thought out carefully, including your wedding favors and how to gift them. Factors such as budget, who to give, the season, etc., can affect your wedding favors. For instance, you don’t want to give your guests items that have expiry dates.  However, considering various factors before deciding on your wedding favors does not mean you have to do the barest minimum. There are unique wedding favors that can be handy for all seasons and types of guests. Stay with us as we share some fantastic ideas to aid your choice of wedding favors!

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Small Bottles Of Champagne

Your wedding celebration should not end after your day; keep guests happy by gifting them with your favorite small champagne bottles. Also, you may use mini bottles of other drinks, such as beer, juice, or even coffee.


  • Seeds

Put some garden seeds in mini sachets and add extra customization using labels with prints of wedding hashtags. Seeds as wedding favors are an excellent way to keep your day alive in the minds of your guests.


  • Doughnuts

Since doughnuts are known to please the crowd, your guests will be happy to have them as wedding favors. Fill tiny boxes with them or arrange them at a stand for a custom wall display, and have your guests pick them as they leave.


  • Handkerchiefs

Often, weddings have happy moments that end in happy tears and giving your guests’ handkerchiefs as wedding favors will see that they don’t soil their makeup. Again, customize them by printing your names on them will help make it extra unique.


  • Small Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer

A wedding favor trend in 2021 is hand sanitizer. Your wedding will have several persons from different places, and you should consider their safety health-wise.


Having your wedding planned out effectively means you’ve put in place every aspect, down to the tiny details, such as your wedding favors.

Choosing favors for your wedding guests is more than picking random items and customizing them. Thus, there’s a need to meet with suitable vendors to help you.

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