We know saying “yes” to your perfect person isn’t hard, but saying yes to the dress… that’s a different story. We hope these bridal and formalwear trends for 2022 give you the inspiration you need to find the perfect dress or suit that make you feel beautiful on your big day.

All About Regency

Our Model Ann shows off a wedding dresss at the Forever and Company Wedding Show 2022.

The effect of Netflix’s hottest TV show “Bridgerton” has continued to be a staple in bridal and formalwear styles. According to Simply Blush Bridal, the bridal and formalwear trends for this year feature many regency elements – dresses with visible corsets, bows and puff sleeves, modernizing dresses from the extravagant looks of high society.

If you are going for a romantic look on your wedding day, these trends are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty – or a Disney princess, whichever works for you. 

Blue and Bold

Woman in wedding dress holding flowers and man in blue suit walk in front of pink wall

Choosing a blue suit adds a perfect pop of color to a gorgeous wedding ceremony. Photo courtesy of Men’s Wearhouse.

As more and more couples get out of the box for their weddings, color choices are becoming less and less black and white.

Experts from Men’s Wearhouse have forecasted bright blue as a popular suit color in 2022 but noted that many grooms still will opt for the classic black and white tuxedo, mixing modern and traditional elements to spice up their look.


One of Pinterest’s top forecasted trends for 2022 is “Pearlcore”, so it is no surprise that it is on our list as one of the top bridal and formalwear trends this year.

Pearly accessories and jewelry and even pearl-studded gowns are all the rage and can be a fresh, unexpected take on a timeless addition to any wardrobe. The “something old” is now something completely new for bridal and formalwear.

Dramatic FlairsWoman looks over shoulder in white wedding dress in front of wall of vines

As weddings start to ramp up this season, couples are getting creative and making bold choices in their gowns and suits.

Dramatic sleeves, cutouts and extravagant backless dresses for brides and textured patterns and prints for grooms are quickly becoming the hottest bridal and formalwear trends in 2022 as many embrace the desire to venture from wedding traditions

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