Are you wondering how to pick a wedding vendor that understands exactly what you want and is just as dedicated to your day as you are. With so many to choose from, it is important to find out as much as you can about each vendor so that you can feel confident in your decision.

We’ve got some advice on what to ask and how to get started, so you find the right people to work with.

Where To Start

Upon your engagement, the most pressing vendors to book are your venue and photographer. It can also be extremely beneficial to hire a planner before starting the vendor selection process. Victoria Harper of Cardinal Events LLC believes the personal relationship formed between couples and their wedding planner makes finding the right vendors easier.

The sheer number of wedding vendors can be overwhelming and finding time to speak with vendors can be difficult. An easy way to be exposed to a wide variety of wedding vendors is at a wedding show. At a wedding show, you have the opportunity to meet wedding professionals and see which companies are right for you and your special day.

Forever & Company Spring 2021 Wedding Show

Wedding shows provide the unique opportunity to meet with a variety of wedding vendors over the course of a weekend.

Before the wedding show, plan out what kind of vendors you want to speak to, such as venues, dress shops and florists. Have a set budget and an extensive list of questions ready and plan on scheduling follow-up sessions after the wedding show with the vendors that caught your eye.

The Basics

Regardless of the type of vendor you are talking to, there are some basic questions that you should always ask. Be sure to ask how the vendor prefers to be contacted, and how often to expect replies. Be sure to ask vendors about their cancellation policy or any conditions for their services. During the search for venues, ask if there is a recommended vendor list.

Catering from Fluent N' Food

Recommended vendor lists can give an idea of catering vendors that work well with certain venues.

When it comes to payment, have questions ready about payment terms, different packages and the costs of those packages, and if there are any hidden fees or costs for overtime. With payment terms, take note of any deposits that need to be made or what a payment plan for each vendor looks like. Ask vendors what is included in the different packages they offer.

Questions about scheduling

Even if you think you have found a perfect vendor, you still need to make sure that they will work with your wedding schedule. Vendors have wedding commitments outside of your own, so an important question to ask is how many events the vendor is anticipating working during your wedding week or day. 

Tent from CE Rental

Outdoor rentals such as tents from vendors may have certain plans in place for weather emergencies.

Despite the extensive planning that goes into your wedding, you can’t account for everything — especially Mother Nature. An important question to ask vendors is if they have a plan in place for inclement weather.

How to pick a wedding vendor

You may have found a vendor that fits into your wedding vision perfectly. However, you should still be vigilant in ensuring that the vendor is a quality choice.

Ask questions about how long the vendor has been in business, if they are licensed and if they are registered. You can also ask if the vendor has received any awards or recognitions. Here are 5 other ways to learn more about vendors. A Google search or look at wedding review sites can provide insight from couples that have used potential vendors. And of course, there is our extensive list of North Carolina-based vendors.

Lastly, before committing to a vendor, read, reread, and ask the vendor to go over the contract to make sure both parties know what they are agreeing to.