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If there’s one thing that has become popular in the wedding industry in 2023 is personalized, unique details! There are so many ways to personalize a wedding, keep up with the trends, and still make it an unforgettable experience that represents you as a couple and reflects your family and guests.



As seen in the royal weddings of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, wedding scents are trending and easily customizable. Your scent should reflect you as a couple and act as an extension of your wedding decor to create an atmosphere that touches on all 5 senses.

Royal Weddings

There are many ways to create custom scents and use them in your wedding. You can either Wedding Paper Goodswork with a custom scent company or use one of your current favorite scents. A quick spritz on your stationary can set the tone before your wedding even begins. Your scent can be incorporated at the venue with candles, diffusers, or floral arrangements. Be sure to keep the scent away from the food though, to allow all of the wonderful smells of your food to entice guests as well.

A distinct scent makes for a really fun way to remember your wedding. If you choose to give us candles of your wedding scent as favors or just keep a candle for yourself, it will allow you to relive your wedding experience in a unique way.



Cocktail GraffttiCustom cocktail graffiti is for sure going to be big in 2023! You can put any imagery that you’d like on a cocktail to make an immersive and photographic moment for your guests during cocktail hour. It’s a fun way to celebrate together with drinks. For example, you could emboss your wedding monogram, a picture of the guests, or a picture of the venue. Check out On My Way Bartending for a Raleigh local vendor. It can be anything you want to customize your cocktails and celebrate your unforgettable story as a couple. 

See some of our favorite cocktail imagery from Snake Oil Cocktail Graffiti.



Couples are breaking away from the traditional weddings and creating new traditions, such as the couple having a last dance at the end of the night, skipping a bridal party or mixing the bridesmaids and groomsmen together to create one fluid wedding party, and new forms of unity ceremonies. 

While some ceremonies have religious unity components, there are also non religious options like candle lighting, anniversary capsules, or creating love locks. These are fun ways to symbolize unity at your ceremony that deviate from the norm and make your wedding more personalized to you and your loved one. They can also be recreated at future weddings and anniversaries to create fun new traditions!



Documentary style wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular because they capture all the real and raw moments of a wedding, rather than just creating a curated film. This film style really allows you to relive the wedding and all of the very intimate moments. 

You can find documentary style wedding videographers online and watch their work to ensure they convey the atmosphere of your wedding. It’s important to note many of them are also open to traveling! A documentary celebrating your unforgettable unity is a special way to hold onto this memory for years to come. 



Finally, unique seating charts are becoming more common as people once again ditch the traditional ceremonies. There are many fun ways for guests to interact with the ceremony and allow them to feel more present with the couple. Examples of this are seating guests in a circle around the altar or in rows facing inwards to the aisle. There are many different variations of this to switch up your ceremony, make it unexpected, and give the guests an unforgettable experience for them to witness your unity.