Engagement season is here!!! Never heard of it before? Well, it’s that magical time between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day.  A recent study discovered that 40% of marriage proposals carried out happen during this period. This is probably due to the romantic nature of this time and also things like convenience.  Here are the top days during this time when couples tend to get angaged.


Engagement Rings - proposal in DC


  • Two Saturdays Before Christmas Eve

This is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It could also be the day you whip out the ring and ask your partner to marry you.

  • Two Days Before Christmas

Proposing two days before Christmas has two advantages. You can incorporate the festive spirit. You also get a jumpstart on the holiday so nothing is distracting everyone from you both.

  • Christmas Eve

There are families that prefer to give their gifts on Christmas Eve. Add to the holiday cheer by proposing on the day before Christmas.

  • Christmas Day

The day of gift-giving is perfect for the ultimate gift: an engagement ring.

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

The hours between when there’s a countdown to the new year and after the new year has clocked in is very exciting. If your partner says yes before midnight, it’s a New Year’s Eve engagement. If their yes is after midnight, you have a new year’s day engagement.

  • The Saturday Before Valentine’s Day

Most times, Valentine’s Day comes up on a weekday. A proposal the Saturday before will still cash in on the love in the air and give you the weekend to celebrate. It also has the element of surprise and you can still celebrate a romantic holiday together after.

  • Valentine’s Day

This day is all about expressing love. Taking your relationship to the next level is a great way to celebrate it.

  • The Memorial Day Weekend Saturday

This is the official start of summer and is perfect for a proposal. You can celebrate the new status in your relationship over the weekend.

  • Independence Day

This is the only day of engagement season that is outside the traditional engagement season. It’s a holiday off work for most people and the fireworks make for a great proposal canvas.

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