The Engagement Moon

Can we first collectively thank the powers that be for this new trend?  For those who haven’t heard about this new must-do, turn down the TV and grab a pen because this is worth shouting from the rooftops! An engagement moon is a great opportunity for recently engaged couples to get away for a bit and revel in the exciting new chapter as fiances!

For most couples, after the “they said yes” moment, the first item on the To-Do list is to tell everyone. Sharing the news with those who are closest to you is exciting, but what comes immediately after are the daunting questions and specifics of your big day. Phone calls, text messages, and comments on all social channels can be a bit overwhelming to some and that’s where the engagement moon comes.

Engagement moon vail mountain trip

Location: Vail, CO via 4 Moons Travel

Why Take an Engagement Moon?

Decompress and reminisce

An engagement moon should take place before you begin planning your wedding. It’s a great chance to start your engagement off focusing on the most important thing- the two of you. Take a breather and enjoy the promise you two just made to each other. Reminisce about how you two met, fell in love and where you see your lives in future years.

engagement moon happy couple

Slow down and savor every moment of being engaged

The excitement of getting engaged can sometimes be overlooked. Months go by and on the morning of your wedding day you’re asking yourself “wait, how is it already here?” Really savor your engagement, maybe a spa retreat will have you putting your phone on silent for a bit. You’ll have plenty of time to dive into the guest list and flowers when you get back, believe us, they’re not going anywhere!

Location: Asheville, NC via Omni Hotels

Keep your budget in check and avoid a lavish engagement party

With most couples contributing toward or paying for their wedding themselves this is the perfect budget-friendly opportunity. You can still plan something special to celebrate the moment and not break the bank. Take a look around your area for staycation options or consider hobbies you share. Avid golfers? Why not head to your nearest country club.

Country Club Engagement moon

Location: Pine Knoll Shores, NC via Crystal Coast Country Club

At the end of the day, the engagement and of course marriage is about the couple. It is about what you want to do, why not put extra icing on that cake and take an engagement moon with your special honey?! Hop on over to our vendor list and check out our travel and resort wedding pros who would be happy to help you get started on your own engagement moon.