Bridal Registry Tips to Help Create Your Wedding Wish List

Composing a wish list of wedding gifts can be more difficult than anticipated.  After all, you need to decide what gifts you want, which ones you’ll need and where your guests can buy them.  If the stress of organizing a sufficient list is leaving you desperate for bridal registry tips, then you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve thoroughly thought of the process from beginning to end to bring you eight bridal registry tips to help create your wedding wish list.

Start With the Basics

There are thousands of free printable bridal registry checklists available online.  With most outlining standard household necessities, it’s a great place to start.  Then, you can pick and choose which ones will make it onto your finalized bridal registry.  A lengthy and well-organized check list is available available  via exclusive downloads that pair with Forever Bridal’s Dream It. Plan It. Live it. wedding organizer.

Ask for Advice

Asking former brides which gifts they’ve used the most or which ones they regret not adding can be valuable advice.  It can be as simple as creating a Facebook post in search of recommendations or e-mailing your closest girlfriends.  An experienced bride is a great resource for bridal registry inspiration!

Make It a Date

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but creating your bridal registry doesn’t have to be.  With a bottle of wine and your favorite takeout, you and your fiancé can have a fun night creating your ultimate wish list together.  Since the gifts you receive will help start your marital journey, a collaborative effort is key.

Add a Wild Card Item

Bridal registries typically include household items and appliances, but wild card items are becoming more popular.  These types of gifts can be money toward a honeymoon excursion, lessons that you’d like to take as a couple or even donations to your favorite charity.

Make it Easy For Your Guests

When selecting where to register, it’s important to be mindful of your guests.  Selecting stores that are convenient in location and price are factors that should be considered.  One thoughtful idea is to ask your bridal party to collect store coupons to include with bridal shower invitations.  These can be distributed to all attendees, guests still in school or older family members.  Bed Bath and Beyond consistently circulates coupons that are accepted even after the expiration date.

Where and How to Share

Once you’ve finalized your bridal registry, it’s time to share with your guests.  Including a link to your registry on your wedding website makes it easily accessible.  The link should also be included on all invitations or cards that accompany an invite.  To view an example of a gift registry card, visit here.

Wait Before Deleting Your Registry

Deleting your registry may be on the post-wedding check-list, but is a task that can certainly wait.  It’s a standard rule that guests can still send gifts up to one year after the wedding date and therefore, may still need to refer to your registry.  Keeping your wedding registry up for at least six months after the big day can allow for last-minute gift-givers to make their purchases.

Say Thanks

Finally receiving your gifts will be exciting, but maintaining an organized list of each gift and who gave it is necessary for sending thank you cards.  Forever Bridal also offers a downloadable gift log for tracking wedding gifts can be found here.   Also, we love these custom thank you cards from Etsy.