There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, one thing that will continue to prosper is love. While many weddings are getting postponed, there are so many couples just beginning their wedding planning process. A local Raleigh couple is sharing their quarantine proposal story with us!

Raleigh Lesbian Couple Proposal - Oval Engagement Ring - Forever Bridal Wedding Shows

Popping the Question During Quarantine

Phoebe and Vanessa have been dating for 4 years. They started out as friends but quickly realized they shared feelings for one another. Phoebe had planned a romantic getaway to ask Vanessa to marry her but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they had to cancel their trip.  While a backyard engagement might not have been the dream proposal location, Phoebe couldn’t wait any longer to ask Vanessa to be her wife. Even during a pandemic, we see true love conquers all.

What was your original proposal plan?

Phoebe: Way back when I planned to propose to her at the River House, but that’s no longer in the family. We were going to go to the outer banks for her birthday in May. I had rented a big house on the water and convinced her we were staying at a family friends vacation house. We were going to go on a sunset sail and I was going to propose on the water. Afterwards, I had arranged for about 15 of our friends to join us for a surprise party and a weekend of celebration.

When did you decide to have a quarantine proposal?

Phoebe: Literally 5 minutes before I popped the question. I had been trying to come up with an elaborate plan for either during quarantine or after, but in the moment I knew that it was perfect. We were in our backyard hanging out, the breeze was blowing just so, the birds were chirping and we felt so incredibly connected. I told her I was going inside to reapply sunscreen, quickly called my best friend, grabbed her ring and a tripod. I pretended I wanted to take a few pics for the gram and got down on one knee. We celebrated with takeout and champagne and a million zoom / FaceTime calls to tell our loved ones.

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 How did you feel having to change proposal plans?

Phoebe: Terrible, I honestly feel like I grieved not being able to propose to Vanessa the way I wanted to for a few weeks. I cried a few times about it. And once I told Vanessa the original plan, we cried together. We are so happy to be engaged now but it’s also hard to not be able to celebrate with our loved ones in person. At the end of the day, I think it’s really all about love and not an elaborate, Instagramable moment.

 Are you going to start wedding planning right away?

Phoebe: We’re waiting to do any logistical planning till after quarantine ends. We have a venue and time frame in mind and we’re talking about the fun, creative aspects like color schemes.

Raleigh Lesbian Couple Proposal - Forever Bridal Wedding ShowsRaleigh Lesbian Couple Proposal - Forever Bridal Wedding Shows

Are you going to celebrate your engagement once quarantine has been lifted? If so, how?

Phoebe: Yes! We’re planning to celebrate with our friends an family afterwards! We can’t wait to be able to be with everyone. We’re also thinking about a short “engagement moon” trip… somewhere tropical with strong drinks!

What advice would you give someone who is having to change their proposal plan due to the COVID pandemic?

Phoebe: Do what you think is best for you and your fiancé. There’s no right or wrong answer, but love will always find a way.

Vanessa: Appreciate now and what’s in front of you. Try not to lament about what could have been. What’s right here is very lucky and very beautiful. We’re very fortunate.

Raleigh Lesbian Couple Proposal - Forever Bridal Wedding Shows

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