Wedding Checklist

Narrowing down your guest list may not be as fun as cake tasting or picking out floral arrangements, but it is an integral part of planning for your big day. While no one enjoys creating a wedding guest list, it has to be done!

1. Decide on the wedding you want and your expenses

First and foremost, it’s important to decide what type of wedding you want and how much you are looking to spend before tackling your guest list. Be clear on the location, if you want a bigger wedding or an intimate gathering, whether it will be during peak season or off-season, if you will have a fancy dinner or a buffet, etc. Once you have all of the details nailed down, it will be easier to establish a budget and decide how many guests you plan to invite. Micro-weddings and Sequel-Weddings are very popular right now due to COVID-19 restrictions.

2. Touch base with family about who to invite

Be sure to sit down with those nearest and dearest to you (your parents) on your side of the family and the groom’s family to ask for names of people they wish to be in attendance at your wedding. Be sure to make a comprehensive list and write down everyone’s names and double check it!

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3. Create an A-list and a B-list

When creating your wedding guest list, we all have a list of our closest friends and family we for sure know will be in attendance at our big day, so it’s best to start there. Obviously, your immediate family and your besties will be on the list. Write all of those names down and get a number. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to create your B-list. Your B-list should include your coworkers, distant relatives and friends that you aren’t the closest with, but still adore. Be sure to be realistic about how many guests you truly want at your wedding and edit your B-list accordingly keeping your budget in mind. We also suggest a C-List, the condensed list. We are still uncertain about the amount of guests venues will be able to accommodate due to social distancing measures.

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4. Tackling plus-one invites

When it comes to deciding on plus-one invitations, it can be tough. This is especially difficult right now thanks to the restrictions for mass gatherings. Obviously, most people would like to bring a date to a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you should foot the bill for people you don’t even know. If one of your guests is engaged, in your bridal party or has been with their significant other for years — then maybe give them a plus one. But, it is totally your choice on the matter.


5. Your guest list is a tool

Your guest list is also like a master key for addresses, tracking RSVP’s, gifts, who’s invited, etc. Be sure to number your guest list, that way it will be easier to keep track and keep things running smoothly leading up to the big day.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your wedding guest list, you can always consult a wedding planner for additional help!