Choosing your wedding venue is an essential part of wedding planning that can’t be skipped due to its significance. For any wedding to see success, you must have a lovely wedding venue, regardless of the kind of wedding, the theme, or the nature of the wedding.

A lot of couples, when planning their wedding, sometimes make some costly mistakes about selecting their wedding venue.

Some of these mistakes were made either because most couples have little or no experience in wedding planning or because they chose the wrong wedding vendors.

We have compiled a list of the common mistakes couples make before choosing their wedding venue and how to avoid these mistakes!



  • Checking Out Wedding Venus Beyond Your Budget

Most couples make the mistake of looking at wedding venues that are beyond their budget. This must be avoided if you do not want to make a costly mistake.

Before checking out any venue, make sure you have details of the venue’s pricing to risk falling in love with a venue you can’t afford. Renting such wedding venues will affect every other aspect of your wedding planning.


  • Choosing Wedding Venues Based On Pictures

While taking a virtual wedding venue tour is necessary, don’t make the mistake of taking everything you see at face value, as pictures can be different when seen in person.

Visit the wedding venues with your wedding planning team and wedding vendors. Doing that will help you make informed decisions about selecting your wedding venue.


  • Not Considering The Weather Condition

No matter how beautiful the wedding venue you intend to choose is, make sure you consider the weather since you will only enjoy and appreciate a wedding venue if you and your wedding guests are comfortable.

Select wedding venues based on the season of the year and the weather forecast projected for your wedding day. You should also have backups just in case something unexpected comes up.


  • Not Asking All The Necessary Questions

While the main hall or venue space may be perfect, make sure you know every other detail of the venue.

Ask about details of the venue’s policies, if they’ll provide an in-house caterer, available restrooms, parking space, and any other necessary amenities.


  • Not Considering Your Wedding Guests.

While it’s you and your partner’s special day, your wedding guests are also an essential part of your wedding.

When choosing a wedding venue, make sure you select a venue that your guests will be comfortable with, and select a venue that will be easily accessible by your guests.


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