It’s a new dawn for the wedding industry as COVID-19 rules are relaxed and more people are vaccinated. And there is a new addition to CDC mask guidance protocol as states are reopened. So large weddings are possible once more!

While COVID-19 has shown that small weddings can be beautiful too, there are still couples who want all their friends and loved ones to be there to celebrate their special day with them.

It’s lovely to know all these people can now come together to celebrate a day so wonderful instead of being forced to watch it over Zoom. So here are some awesome ideas for planning your post covid large wedding!



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in their latest update, has stated that vaccinated individuals may resume most of their activities before the pandemic. That includes using a face mask.


  • Hire A Planner

Considering that the pandemic has affected many people’s earnings, hiring a planner may seem costly. But a planner can help couples get the cheapest deals for wedding vendors because they are used to working with most vendors. So, not only would a planner help with vendor deals, but they will also give you a stress-free planning process.


  • Look Out For Deals And Discounts

Be savvy when allocating the budget for your post-pandemic wedding. If possible, try only to make purchases when there are deals and discounts.

Follow vendors on social media or try to stay up to date with information from their websites. Discount codes are one essential way to save money while planning a wedding.


  • See That The Venue Can Accommodate Your Guests

Since weddings can now accommodate over 150 to 250 guests, be sure to visit your venue to see if your guests can sit and mingle comfortably. Don’t rely on the pictures of the venue alone to make your choice.


We are happy that weddings are all but back to normal. Forever and Company are ready to work with you for the perfect wedding with our professional wedding vendors.

Each professional will deliver excellent services that will make your large wedding an event to remember! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!