Like other events or celebrations, you’ll find flowers, paper, leftover foods, etc., at weddings. So what do you do with all these? Make good use of them, of course!  A green wedding is nothing new, and we highly recommend you go for it. You’ll be helping people and the planet in general. That’s a good thing, and you’ll feel great about the positive impact you’re having on the world.  Having an Eco-Friendly wedding is far more common now, and you have so many ways to go about it. The options you have are almost endless. So if you’re considering a green wedding, here are a few ideas to help you realize it!

The Kinsleeshop Farm Main Barn Outdoor Fire pit

The Kinsleeshop Farm


  • Look For An Eco-friendly Wedding Venue

An eco-friendly venue is the first thing you should secure. And we’re certain that regardless of your location, there should be good venue options at your disposal. And be sure to look for those that use sustainable resources.

Some features to look out for are solar panels, plumbing that helps conserve water, and energy-efficient appliances.


  • Consider Eco-friendly Vendors

Wedding vendors who have helped plan eco-friendly weddings or events should be your top priority. We say this because they’re familiar with such weddings, so their input will be essential. They can even recommend ideas that can make your wedding better!

Bakers and caterers who use locally sourced ingredients should be considered. Also, transportation that does not burn fuel, such as an electric car or a vintage bicycle, won’t be amiss.


  • Make Use Of What’s Available

You don’t need to purchase a new and expensive wedding dress or bridal garments. It’s perfectly fine to rent such things. Ask your friends and family to lend you a wedding dress,  bridesmaids’ dresses, etc.


So, are you ready for a beautiful and unique eco-friendly wedding? We’re here to make sure you enjoy every second of it! Forever and Company wants nothing more than to help couples enjoy the perfect wedding!

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