It’s true that all trends are cyclical, and wedding trends are no exception. As the wedding industry continues to pick back up after Covid, couples are drawing inspiration from retro weddings in decor, photography styles, and fashion trends.

So pull out some pictures from your grandparents’ wedding, or keep reading, for some retro wedding inspiration!



Disco balls are back and bigger than ever… literally! There are tons of ways to incorporate themDisco Ball Details into your wedding decor and overall theme to bring a bit more glam. Disco balls have been around for a while in bachelorette or bridal shower decor and look great as photo backdrops or cute party favors.

Disco balls can also be a part of your big day. The art can be used on invitations or save the dates to set the vibe early on. Small disco balls make great table decor and can be fun additions to floral arrangements – especially hanging ones! You can even buy disco balls inscribed with your new last name on Etsy.

There are so many ways to take this classic decor and bring more glitz and glam to your wedding.

Disco Ball Wedding Decor by



These retro photography styles have been picking up speed as photography trends continue to change. Flash photography is becoming huge, especially for late night wedding receptions. This style of photography has high contrast for a great drama shot. Be sure to talk to photographers about their style to make sure your wedding is captured exactly how you would like!

A great way to capture more pictures and entertain your guests is by giving out film cameras for them to use during the event. (Think of this as the updated Polariod camera trend!) Once your wedding is over, you can relive it through your guests eyes’ when you get the film photos back!

Theo Nash Film Photography

Theo Nash Photography, 35mm Film



Some of the most popular wedding dress trends right now are back from the 70s, 80s, or even from the roaring 20s! Here are some of our favorites that we can’t wait to see in 2023. 

Puffy sleeves – Puffy sleeves have been coming back in all areas of fashion, and they are certainly popular in wedding dresses. Whether a long or short puffed sleeve, they always bring the 80s fun and are a great addition to any otherwise simple silhouette.

Puff sleeve wedding dresses from Reformation, Anthropologie, and Houghton NYC

Dresses from Left to Right: Stars Dress, Reformation; Helen O’Connor Treasured Gown, Anthropologie; Gwen Dress, Houghton NYC

Slip dresses – Slinky, silky, slip dresses are back in and can be made incredibly chic and incredibly sexy! If you’re worried about a slip dress being too casual, try it with a long veil or some statement jewelry for a timeless look. 

Slip Wedding Dresses from Karen Willis Holmes, Anthropologie, and Fekih

Dresses from Left to Right: Sage Dress, Karen Willis Holmes; Watters Mirall Cowl-Neck Button-Slit Satin Wedding Gown, Anthropologie; Liv Slip Dress, Fekih



Similar to retro dress silhouettes, many other wedding details are coming back from the past. Whether used as small embellishments or as larger parts of the look, these accents are both timeless and trendy!Lace Gloves

Lace is a classic wedding texture, but all over lace gowns are having a resurgence. All lace dresses are reminiscent of the 70s and are perfect for a youthful bohemian look.

Pearls are another fun way to dress up your wedding look. They can be worn as classic jewelry, used as embellishments on wedding gowns or veils, or even recently used as hair accessories or even as a part of abstract wedding makeup. 

Finally, gloves are coming back in new ways as brides bring the drama to their look. The Bridgerton style is still evident in bridal opera length gloves, or more casual brides can opt for sheer short gloves. There are tons of unique options out there (some brides are even wearing blue gloves as their something blue!) so be sure to do your research and find a style that compliments your look.